Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mouse Tails.

Over on Mama2my6pack Dawn posts regularly (with pics) the choice food finds her kids hide in obscure & not so obscure places. I hate to admit it but my household can outdo her. (Issi, I hold you personally responsible!)

Sunday morning I tottered downstairs after the hellish 2 nights I'd just had with my lungs deciding to pack it in, as they insist on doing whenever an infection hits my chest. I pop my single slice of toast in the toaster & the smell of singed hair assails my nostrils. With 3 females & plenty of long hair floating around the house I don't think anything of it & while I butter my toast ask the Ditz if she will please look for the offending hair & remove it.

If you have a week stomach DO NOT READ ON. What Ditz found in my toaster was a mouse. That's right, a mouse, all wedged between the wires & smoking nicely. I was not well. I was promptly less well. So pleased I never did take that first bite of toast.

I had a serious meltdown. The wretched cat has been picking off a mouse nest one by one for weeks, batting the poor little things all over the house then leaving revolting remains for unsuspecting persons to step on in the dark!

Now I am perfectly happy for the animal to catch & eat the vermin who have no business living in my house. I seriously object to him putting one in my toaster. Not happy, Iss.

The Ditz, who is a wonderful little person, took the toaster away & removed the mouse ~ except for the tail which inexplicably was glued to a wire. I had a horrible 1/2 hour trying to scub the insides of the toaster ~ an exercise in frustration ~ while trying to decide how much hot soapy water anywhere on the wretched thing was too much.
Iss, no more mice in the toaster, ok?


sevenwhiskers said...

oh my ROFL :-P

okay, i shouldn't laugh - i mean, this was obviously not a pleasant experience for you, and considerably less even for the mouse, but as someone with five cats of her own... this made me grin from ear to ear.


Ganeida said...

Want a 6th cat? I will have to fish out the best cat & rat story of all for you. I love my cats but can do without the gruesomeness.

siano said...

Lovely: I've just had cat hair in my toaster to date, courtesy of my longhaired white cat. I don't want to know how (or why) she put it in there.

The worst cooked animal story I have is the time my niece cooked up some 2-minute noodles with huntsman spider topping for me. She'd been wondering where the spider was as she hadn't seen it for a few days (apparently it was a regular in the kitchen). Why it decided to hang out in the electric jug is anybody's guess.

Ganeida said...

Hey Siano. Glad to see you found your password!