Thursday, November 8, 2007


My bizarre sense of humour gets a little out of control at times & the sad fact of the matter is that I am not a realist. Reality sucks. OK, not all the time but far too often & I so dislike things like bills & schedules & agendas. Which is why I fantasise about moving to Pern. For the uninitiated, Pern doesn't actually exist, except in the warped imagination of Ann MacCaffery.

Pern is that wonderful world where humans who bond with dragons hear them telepathetically & ride them ~ & there is a Harper Hall; I'm very fond of the Harper Hall.

The trouble with my in jokes is that I'm often the only one who gets them, so I thought I'd share. Laugh if you like. Remember I haven't asked you what strange fantasies you indulge in when no~one's looking. Perhaps you don't. Now I would find that very sad. Fantasy is a wonderful gift; It touches the mundane with magic.


Constance said...

Eragon was a good movie, I liked it more than my beloved did. I remember seeing "Dragonslayer" (I think that was the title) many years ago! Then there was "Dragonheart" which I liked. Sean Connery did the voice of the dragon in the movie. I like some fantasy-type stuff like the Lord of the Rings trilogy and then there's other stuff that's just plain silly!

Ganeida said...

Um, not Eragon for choice. Sean Connery anytime; that was one cool dragon! Tolkien needs a really good editor but I enjoyed the movies anyway.

Really good fantasy is hard to find but there's plenty of really bad stuff around.

sevenwhiskers said...

i've never seen "eragon" or "dragonslayer", but i remember watching "dragonheart" -- that was an awesome movie :-)

sadly, i've still never watched the LOTR movies, nor read the of these days!