Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Sian in the rainforest & yes, the light really is that green.
About this point we'd run out of expletives & were saying we'd been saturated with so much loveliness we were practically overdosed.

One of the bigger waterfalls.

Weaver bird nest. There was another one on the same branch a bit higher & further out. They build colonies though 2 together is the most we saw.

the campsite ~ the rainforest & waterfalls start just the other side of the hill on the other side, less than a five minute walk. We were grateful for the rain. The cloud cover meant it wasn't stinking hot on the site, not that we were there all that much.

One of the many waterfalls. This is only a little one.

Blue Crane ~ which is actually a heron, not a crane. lol. This is along the stretch of water we saw our platypus. The banks have to be soft for burrowing & the water pretty still.

Going walkies. Ditz was our photographer so there's some pretty shocking pics of Sian & I! Parts of the area are being rejuvenated & are heavily mulched ~ the barren looking areas.

We stopped for morning tea at the place below & were directed to the bottom of the garden to feed these enormouse catfish & tiny tortoises ~ that's what's causing the ripples.

Sian had a sensible breakfast of poached eggs on toast while Ditz & I gorged on ginger snaps filled with cream! If I'm honest all my kids worst eating habits they learnt from me ~ chocolate pudding for breakfast, icream in the coffee.

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Constance said...

The pictures are really neat! It really DOES seem exotic to me where you live. I will post something soon on life in Texas, complete with some photos. Including lornghorns and armadillos! Have a lovely day!