Monday, November 26, 2007

Sian has been to Sprinbrook before; well, we have too, just not very recently, so she was keen to take us on all her favourite short walks. After the first one Sian couldn't believe me. She'd done a few of the walks last time with our Liddy & Liddy can do a walk in 1/2 the time most people can but unless she actually falls over it she doesn't see much. Now I'm exactly the opposite. I take twice as long to do the walk but miss very little if it's there to be seen. If it moves I'm tracking it. If it rustles I'm looking & I scan the trees for nests, which is how come I spotted a weaver bird nest not a hundred yards in & right on the track at Best of Lookout.

Ok, I'll give you these messy little constructions don't much look like a nest but once you know that's what they are they're easier & easier to spot. We saw at least 5, all inhabited, & one under construction. This was the walk we saw little *hoppers*. I have no idea what the technical name is but they look & move like tiny wallabies. We also saw what was probably a bush rat ~ not to be confused with your common household rodent. Rufous fantails & yellow robins were also spotted & a tiny logrunner right beside the path.

Now what gets me riled is we saw all this because we were quiet & patient but so many people all passed us on the path, intent only on getting to the lookout & back to their car as quickly as possible & saw none of this. I managed to flag one couple down & ask them to be quiet so as not to disturb the logrunner & they were totally astonished there was something there to see! I do not know what the lookout attraction is. It's only the Gold Coast & once you've seen all those horrible skyscrapers littering the beach from one angle you've seen all there is to see so why bother again?

We saw wrens close to the camp site & my personal favourite, a male satin bower bird. Now these not only build a bower to woo their lady love but decorate it with anything blue that they can find or steal & spend hours redecorating the bower with all their blue bits. We heard lots of other birds too. I'm not so good on recognising any but the most common calls ~ kookaburras, whip birds (lots of those) mopokes.
What I kept thinking as I walked through this amazing place was not how great God's creation is (though I did think that too) but how all of creation stands in expectation of the revealing of the sons of man. God's world desires to know who really are God's people. That is rather a sobering thought.

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Constance said...

I truly enjoy stopping by your blog and reading of your world, on the other side of the world! It's fascinating to me because here in the land of longhorns and armadillos, it sounds so exotic!

I loved the cat pics and especially the toasted mouse story! What a hoot!

I do hope you're feeling better and breathing easier. You're right a kick to the midsection isn't the ideal way to treat a lung ailment! Getting the wind knocked out of you isn't a pleasant feeling under ANY circumstance. My father-in-law who is 81 has emphysema which is stedily getting worse. It's awful listening to him wheeze, hum and beat on his chest just to get some air into his lungs!

Thank you for stopping by and your warm wishes. I should be posting something other than just the couple of pictures I have!