Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Laugh Out Loud.

Well folks, it's offical; we know squat all about being proper scientists!

We had our Supervisory visit this week ~ after our weekend (& yes folks, I'm getting to it but NaNo is in it's downhill slide so just be patient ; the promised pics are on their way!), & with me no longer multi~tasking. (I took the poor lady to her boat an hour early & had to turn round & bring her home again. lol.) Flu still raging & I am so tired of coughing like a drowning man. My ribs hurt. *whinge* *whine*

Sooo, anyways....We were showing off all the work we couldn't send in the mail ~ the koi kite (it turned out really cool), the research papers on kimono, bonsai, & Children's Day; the dictation & sentence pharsing & of course the science workbook. Now those of you who remember the blog I so successfully crashed may remember me mentioning that our marine biology more closely resembled art than science. Our supervisor agreed! Oh, all the information was there ~ in picture form! Our supervisor has always liked Ditz's artwork & liked her tidal pool page so much she included it under art!!! Man, oh man. Before I could become insanely embarrassed she marked every thing VHA or HA (very high achievement /high achievement.) Meanwhile Ditz was trying to pretend she didn't have a brain in her head just in case anyone actually thought of checking in there! I hate it when she does that. Perish the thought anyone might think she's smart!
Our supervisor is a sweetie & we enjoy her visits ~ & P.S ~ she has Ditz pegged!!! *yay!* Very funny to watch.

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sevenwhiskers said...

that's an awesome picture - and i don't think there's anything wrong with science knowledge being expressed through artwork...if that's the way that she enjoys showing what she's learned, then why not? :-)