Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wet Wednesday.

There's little that's more outright depressing than a dank day with the rain coming down the passage in fitful scuds & the wind straight off the pole.
Even the cat's not impressed. Ditz is snuggled deep in her purple doona pretending she's still asleep.
This is what I consider to be a baking day, filling the cold house with warmth & the cheery smell of good things cooking while I try not to contemplate heading out into it later on today to take Ditz to choir. Anything else, if I suggested a day off because of the weather, Ditz would be ok with that but choir is sacrosant. Come hell or high water, fire, flood or famine Ditz will front up for choir so I might as well put a cheerful face on it but oooh, it's nasty out there. (((Brrrr!)))


Persuaded said...

well, look at it this way... it's great that she has something she is so passionate about, right?



Ganeida said...

If you say so:(

molytail said...

I'll take your rain if it means I get the lovely trees and birds and critters and peacefulness of where you live. Yep yep! *grin*

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh rain rain rain. We have it nine months out of the year. I would not take your rain if you paid me. We are just now starting our dry season and Im going to enjoy every minute of it!! LOL