Saturday, July 5, 2008

All grown up... & then some.

Dino & Theo, 1995

Tomorrow, just after 3 pm, the boys turn 21. Where have all those years gone?

Some things are printed indelibly in the psyche: my normal weight is around 7 stone; I reached 13 1/2 stone with the twins. Dearest joked I needed a wheelbarrow for my tummy. By 8 months it wasn't funny. Getting up a flight of stairs required more breath than I had to spare. And sick! I was so, so sick. My poor mother went frantic trying to get food in me & keep it there. I was past caring. Everything tasted horribly metalic! I ended up in hospital, as so many mothers of twins do, on bed rest to try & keep them from arrivaing far too soon. That was so not a good idea. I had far too much time to worry about what was going on inside me & all the terrible things that could happen to identical twins sharing a food source.

Imagine a galleon in full sail with a following breeze. That was me.

By the time I was due there was a small tear in the placenta ~ no, not fun ~ & my contractions were ambling along pleasantly. Everyone from Dearest to the Doctor was worried about my condition. I began to bake a chocolate cake. I was going nowhere until that cake was out of the oven! I'm like that. I never did like hospitals & labour wards are the pitts. Besides Jossie had already lost me for several weeks once already with this pregnancy & was unsettled. At not quite 4 he was a big boy yet, although trying hard. Besides I fully expected, since I didn't feel labour was well under way, to arrive at the hospital & be sent home again. Only Dearest's insistence made me even pack my bag. What I hadn't counted on was hospital hystronics. Once there no~one was letting me come home again.

They took just two hours to arrive & looked like skinned rabbits. They grew into gorgeous babies with big blue eyes & blonde curls. At 13 they were *chick magnets*. Where do they pick up such language? They were fishermen, long distance runners, soccer fiends & they have grown into lovely young men but I do not know how the hours & the days, became the weeks & months of the years it took to raise them. I embarrass them but they can never grow so big that they stop being my babies.


molytail said...

Happy birthday to them! :-)

Y'know, I came by my two kids in a different manner (snagging myself a guy who already had 'em LOL) and I must say, I don't know if I'd honestly *want* to be pregnant! It never sounds like a very pleasant experience, particularly the ending bit. *grin*

I do not know how the hours & the days, became the weeks & months of the years it took to raise them

Where does the time go eh? ....

Anonymous said...

Dear Ganeida, I love our Island Church and I am sad to see some of your comments. Many are reading your blog and ask if I have seen it. We believe the Word IS being preached each week and we seek to follow our Lord. All are happy that you have found a place to worship that suits you. May the Lord bless you. by Ocean Blue.

Ganeida said...

OceanBlue, Please quote if you are accusing me of something.

molytail said...
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molytail said...

Ocean, if you love where you worship, that's fantastic. Seriously. I'd never wish for anyone to be unhappy in their church and I'm glad that you are happy in yours. :-)

People are different though - which is a Very Good Thing, imagine how boring the world would be if we were all the same! - and while one church may be the perfect fit for person A, it may not be so for person B.... There's nothing wrong with that, nor is there if B chooses to share his or her thoughts on why it isn't a good fit.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to the boys!


MamaOlive said...

Happy birthday, boys.

Thanks for the cry, Ganeida. :-P

Sorry about the local trouble. I've never heard you say bad things about anybody, and you were next to silent about leaving the old church. hugs.