Monday, July 21, 2008

Of cats & pies.

Ditz has been *cat sitting* for friends. While Ditz did the grotty jobs of cleaning bowls & litter trays Liddy & I played. Deafne is...well, deaf...& very into her cuddles.

Indy is a cat of another colour entirely. She is very young & smart as & has been trained to jump over a stick on command. Ditz was in charge of ensuring she didn't forget her trick while her owners are away!

Then I have been giving pastry lessons to Dearest who wanted to learn how to make meat pies. Here is his effort...& they were very, very yummy.

Liddy absconded with the leftover pastry to turn out small lemon meringue pies. Those lemons sure are coming in handy!

1 comment:

molytail said...

Kitties! Ha, the first one looks a little evil in that photo LOL ..they're lovely!

I'm a vegetarian, so I don't know much about meat pies myself, but it looks like a good one --- looks much better than the pasty plain looking things from the grocery section, for sure!

Mmmmm... pie!