Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A little travelling.

Travelling. We do so much of it but some days are just insane. Take yesterday for example. I dropped Liddy at work. Came home & wrote Ditz out a *to do* list (can't think why as she just did what she'd normally do in a morning, certainly no more & considerably less math as she *forgot* how to do it!) & got Dearest & I on a 9.30 am boat. We came home on the 11.30 & I pottered round for a bit before putting Ditz & I on the 3.20pm boat for music. Left Ditz behind to meet Liddy at the jetty at 6pm for a rescheduled soccer game & managed to have all of us on the 9 pm boat home. Basically I'd spent my day driving in & out of town. Ditz & I were starving even though we picked up take~away, which is never as filling or satisfying as a proper meal, & Liddy was over tired & difficult.

The chill factor off the water just made me miserable & Ditz, who is always wired after music, couldn't relax enough to sleep so at 10.30 pm I found myself reading aloud a chapter of Artemis Fowl. I was emotionally exhausted. I hate days that are emotionally draining yet not really physically tiring. It's not like I actually did anything but sit & read for most of the day though I did the driving for the first two trips & think I should have driven home after soccer. Liddy's mental state really affects her driving & she was throwing the car round enough that I remonstrated with her & she snarled like a feral cat about just letting her drive. Hmm. We were all sooo showing our best sides!

Unfortunately Ditz & I have flute today ~ more travelling ~ but are too tired to really be at our best & this is costing us days of school. I would love to shift all Ditz's music to a Friday & have the weekend to recover but that is just not going to happen & ditching it altogether is not really an option however tempted I feel when it all starts unravelling on me.

To this heady mix all my friends have chosen to visit. O.k, only 2 but they are long distant friends we don't see too often so time simply must be squeezed from my hectic schedule for them. Local friends know better than to expect us to socialise during term time! My Sydney friend visits sporadically throughout the year & as an old uni mate is far too valuable to ignore while our Irish friends only visit for a few weeks every other year, at huge expense, & the boys get on sooo well with my peculiar little Ditz it is an absolute joy. The older boy's birthday falls within a day or so of Ditz's birthday & we have always done a joint birthday celebration the years they are here with them providing the BBQ & us doing cake & sweet treats. Ditz plans for their stay all year & for weeks has talked of little else except what she should buy as a present. The boys are into military history (which I know nothing about!) so what we have ended up with 3 large water guns. Despite the freezing weather I guess they will have loads of fun squirting icy water over each other! (((BRRRRR)))

The bible says not to worry about the future for each day has enough troubles of its own & ain't that the truth?! Ok, I'm off to deal with today's insanity.

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