Thursday, July 31, 2008

Island Walkabout.

Thursdays are flute. After last night's late finish the Ditzy One wasn't her usual bright & sparkling self this morning. Indeed I had to wake her & she emerged bleary eyed & trepidacious (is that a word? Is now.)

I trudged in Ditz's wake up the long steep hill feeling at least several centuries old. Yes, I know it looks beautiful but it was (((Cold)))!!! And it's at least a 20 minute walk, all uphill. Watching people wizz past in their nice warm cars makes my bones ache, to say nothing of standing on a windy old jetty with icy slivers slinking down my collar.

Just the same there is always plenty to enjoy on this walk. All the wattle is starting to burst out turning everything golden....

The birds are nesting & there are baby chicks everywhere...

And Islanders are an inventive lot. I can cope with the roo but there's a croc as well & that is too, too much.

But for half an hour inbetween all this I got to listen to 2 flutes battle with Purcell's Largo from Sonata no.1 ~ & if Ditz will only count it will sound lovely. Being Ditz she doesn't like her music slow. Being Ditz she doesn't like counting. Being Ditz this is the piece she finds extraordinarily difficult, far more difficult than the Moderato, which goes at a cracking pace! Yet every so often there were glimpses... a phrase where alto & soprano were in absolute agreement & I thought how lucky Ditz is to be able to make this wonderful sound. I've tried. I just sound like a strangled goose.


molytail said...
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molytail said...

That kangaroo looks like he's behind a fence - is he someone's pet?? Kangaroos are so cool - Cindy and I both think so. :-)

Not sayin' one word about the (((cold))) ..nope. You might banish me from your blog. *grin*

I thought how lucky Ditz is to be able to make this wonderful sound. I've tried. I just sound like a strangled goose

Haha - Cindy and I were playing at this the other day...she would sing something, I'd try to copy her, she'd laugh her butt off at me. I. Can. Not. Sing. Not one note.

and sorry 'bout the removed comment - I messed up the HTML tags so I reposted. I *always* right click copy for that sort of reason LOL

MamaOlive said...

Cool pics. Sorry you are cold; I've been trying to enjoy the HOT (seeing as it's 20* less hot than Texas).

Ganeida said...

Moly, *that kangaroo* is carved from wood....& yes, he's behind a fence or I think someone would try & cart him away. You do see real ones like that too as a fence that size is no barrier at all; they just hop right on over. The same someone has a very realistic croc hanging round somewhere too. :D On the island we mostly see small wallabys as the dogs have harrassed them so much over the years most swum to the big island east of us.

MamaO, I don't like hot either. Just hard to please I am. :)

molytail said...

Oh! I thought he was real! LOL ..oops. :-P