Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Home again, school again.

We are back up & running school wise & Ditz is looking good. Glimpses of maturity & just doing what she knows needs to be done. Just when I think things are one way she changes on me & we are on a different tangent altogether.

We have been doing Considering God's Creation, which was to be our bible study but which is a much better fit for science though putting together a human body rather turned Ditz's stomach & I have given warning I do not do dissections! Ever! Period. I am so not a good scientist but then neither is Ditz so that's all right.

Most of our day yesterday was taken up with putting this together. It just seemed sensible to put it all together at once then come back & do all the lessons. When it came to the drawing part Ditz was fanatical about colour layering to get the richness of her hair & the shades in her eyes. I swear she's getting worse!

Actually bible curriculum is the one thing I don't feel I've got a grip on at all & I am so fed up with looking & trying stuff that is just a really terrible fit for us. I have sent Ditz back to just reading her bible chapter by chapter for the present though I am considering trying the Character Journal. Ditz can cope with deep stuff but is not yet ready for apologetics & I'm at my wits end. Where are all the really excellent bible studies for homeschoolers? After all, lots of us Christian homeschoolers base our whole philosophy on biblical principals. Maybe I'm just too fussy? *sigh* Even though most of our curriculum is coming from a strong Christian worldview I really feel the need to have some proper bible study, especially as Ditz seems determined to head into the hotbed of secular insanity in the arts arena. We are already feeling the effects & I want Ditz to really understand what she believes & why it is important to stay strong.

I am still waiting on the new curriculum arriving. I hope it's not too much longer as we are very close to being done with this lot of readers & Ditz usually starts with her reading so she doesn't even have to get out of bed but can stay snuggled on these wet, drippy days surrounded by hot Milo, buttered toast & purring cat.

Liddy meanwhile has been sounded out as to whether or not she'd be interested in doing some occasional travelling to fix small IT problems. She was thrilled & could hardly wait to get home & talk about it. Even if it never eventuates she's simply delighted to have been asked. That she is still a non~driver is not a problem & nor was it that she blurted she'd have to discuss it with us first. Funny girl. A few raised eyebrows but Liddy just said she's got a close relationship & she'd like our feedback. She is so happy in her new job but she always does better working with the men & I just hope things are still cruisy when the stocking is done & she moves in to her regular job on the registers.

And now we are back on our regular punishing schedule & the rain is dripping down my body has betrayed me & I have come down with another terrible cold. I haven't been so constantly sick in years. I am girding my mind for the fray & pray I manage to keep my temper in check. Being sick makes me very bad tempered & me being bad tempered makes Ditz growly. I do not want a growly Ditz, especially not when she is cultivating the right attitude!


Persuaded said...

that character journal looks very interesting. do you have any idea of the age/developmental age it is targeted for?

sorry you've been feeling ill, hon((hugs))

molytail said...

That's a lovely drawing! :-)

I don't do disections either - far as I'm concerned, there's no reason to do that... especially today, with all the alternatives available.

Hey have you seen the "Studying God's Word" series by Christian Liberty Press? I don't know a lot about them, but we have one of those (book G) and are going to try it out.

Glad Liddy is happy in her new job and pleased about being asked to do the IT stuff (ha, send her this way the next time my computer takes a nose dive LOL) ...I hope it keeps working out well!

Ganeida said...

No, Diane, I don't know but it looks multi~age & I hope it's adaptable. Thanks for the hugs. I think I'm just a bit run down & consequentially catching every big going.

Moly, that's our *human body*; all the internal bits are glued in too but that's just so totally gross i didn't photograph that. I'm passing on workbook type stuff for bible. So not us.

molytail said...

I'd love to do a 'human body' like that with Cindy - I bet she'd think it was awesome...crafty, gross, yep that would work LOL

Haha, what was I thinking suggesting that SGW series LOL ..nah, I don't actually know what it's like - we haven't started with it.... See, for us I think we *need* that sort of thing for a bible curriculum - I can wing a lot of things, but for this.. we need something specific to follow - I didn't grow up as a Christian, so I'm learning right along with the kids in that area. ;-)

(and of course if we hate it, we'll change it - it was very almost free through a sale, so I figured we'd give it a try)

Ganeida said...

Yeah, this curriculum has been pretty cool though we're going over ground we've done before, just in a different way. I'd have ditched Abeka & done this last year if I'd known because it's quite crafty & Ditz enjoys it. lol. I can see I'll have to take a *gross* photo for Cindy.

I've looked at lots of things for bible & just not been happy with any of it & wasted a small fortune on stuff we can't use without spending another fortune which (fortunately) I don't have to spend. I need accountability in the context of a set agenda to follow. *Runs screaming through the house.*