Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Along the catwalk.

Today is the first fine day we've had after a week of rain so I decided to indulge in one of my favourite pastimes, one I rarely have time for in the hustle & bustle of term time; I decided to go for a walk along the waterfront. Ditz graciously decided I needed *alone time* so didn't come with me.
It was cool out but it is always much warmer at the bottom of the hill. The wind scoots over the top leaving the mangroves toasty warm. I started down the hill between the dripping ferns with pleasant anticipation. I hadn't got very far when there was a sqwark of protest behind me & a plaintive, 'Where are you?' meow. Iss had spotted me. I don't know what it is with our animals. They always end up confused. The cats think they're dogs & refuse to be left behind on walks. I sighed. Iss is pretty vocal on walks. If I lag behind he hurries me up, if I get too far ahead he cries a protest, when he's had enough he insists on being picked up & carried.
We haven't walked in a while. Iss shot between my legs & down the path. So much to do! Sniff the wild hibiscus.
Investigate the rotting dingies.
Roll in the sand & scamper about like a madman.
Well? Aren't you coming? At this time of the year the tides don't leave much in the beachcombing line but there were plenty of small birds ~ honeyeaters, flycatchers, bee~eaters, bronze wing pigeons, in great coulds of dusky feathers ~ & these jeweled beetles on the mangrove leaves.
We walked to the point where Dino's boat lay like a beached seal.
Exhausting. Iss stopped for a rest & a quick wash before noticing I didn't need to do the same & hurtled after me.
Poor boy. He's not real keen on the rocks.
There are 7 different sorts of mangroves here. You really needed to know that didn't you? I adore mangroves. They are fascinating. Each type grows at a different tide mark busily building new soil, claiming land from the sea far more efficiently than any Dutchman.
This, oh so originaly, is known as *the big pile of rocks*! Lots of crab holes & a favourite haunt of children for pirate treasure hunts & decaying medievial castles.
I have seen Ginger's kids' treehouse; this is not like that! I haven't ever been game to ask how the kids hauled all that timber up into the tree but up it most certainly is & there are no rails! I guess they figured they'd be falling into either mud or water if the worst came to the worst but no~one's ever fallen out yet.
Iss decided he'd had enough & led the way home again.


Constance said...

Good Morning friend, I'm back from my trip and am making the rounds.

Happy Birthday to your handsome "boys". I didn't realize that they and our youngest daughter turned 21 this year! Laura's 21st birthday was in May.

You forget how much you appreciate a sunny day until you have to go without them! I know they didn't have board games and decks of cards on board the Ark, how DID they occupy all of that time? Makes me wonder? tee-hee!


Ganeida said...

All those animals & what they were doing was shovelling muck! :) that's what they were doing. I believe an elephant generates quite a bit. Oh & the feeding them of course...settling disputes?
Rather them than me. I imagine the ark was quite stinky ~ or would have been after 40 days of wet & animals in a confined space.lol

Persuaded said...

oh my! what a beautiful part of the world you claim!

i so very much miss the ocean. i lived near it all of my childhood and now haven't even seen it for years and years. there is nothing so satisfying to the soul as a solitary walk on the beach.

Ganeida said...

Yes, the mangrove walk has always been my retreat, my place of meditation & where Dearest sends me when I've had enough & am stressing. lol. Water is so soothing & it's so quiet & peaceful. I love the play of light on leaves & water & the way the shadows become ripples & the ripples shadows.

molytail said...

Such a beautiful place - I'm sitting here looking out at all the ugly buildings around me and turning green LOL ...

Iss is adorable. :-)

Ganeida said...

Iss is definitely adorable. Mad as the March Hare, but adorable none the less.