Saturday, July 26, 2008

Money for water.

Wells...a place where there is water...a place to quench one's thirst...a place of refreshment in an arid landscape. Yesterday we visited such a well. No, not a literal well, a metaphorical well; my favourite sort of well ~ a bookstore; better yet a Christian bookstore.

Koorong actually means watering hole or oasis & living where we do with limited access to all things mainland & limited (very limited) choices in all things Christian a visit to the Brisbane store is a rare & much appreciated treat. Now Liddy has her own car & is working again she couldn't wait to load Ditz & I up & go & blow a pay packet here...while the 20% off sale was on! She came home loaded down with books & CDs. Ditz already has her eye on at least one of those CDs & I'm sure it will walk out of one bedroom & into another very shortly!

Liddy was all done before I'd even begun to look & predictably what I wanted Koorong didn't hold; it is very mainstream & I am anything but mainstream. *sigh* Which is not to say I came home empty handed. I got Ditz a book for her upcoming birthday & given my opinon on much of what is considered acceptable children's Christian literature that in itself is something of a miracle. I got Liddy, who hadn't seen it, a book about BJ, dead at 17 from bubonic plague (they think) after serving as a missionary in Peru; Liddy has her eyes on the street kids of Brazil but the Lord seems to be growing her up before sending her out & I am treasuring this time I still have with her because once she goes I don't think we will see her very often in this world. I got me another CD by Edens Bridge, which no doubt one of the girls will eventually nab. I was also eyeing off Eric Liddell's biography for Liddy but I know it's coming up in Sonlight so decided to wait though flicking through the final pages I was very struck by the authors comments on the difficulty of being an elite sportsperson in this day & age & also a Christian. Almost impossible, & we have been learning how true that is this year.

Liddy did most of the driving although predictably she does not like driving in the city & it is very tiring for both of us. I have to remain as alert as she does without access to the brake! We stopped at the Bay for hamburgers & icecreams before coming home to one very unhappy cat. Iss does NOT like changes in our rountine & sits outside waiting until we arrive home ~ rain, hail or sunshine. He's quite mad. As we pile out of the car he rushes to greet us, tail high, uttering his warbling greeting chirrups, shoots between everyone's legs to be first in the door & promptly demands food although Dearest always remembers to feed him. Iss is a cat; he lets no~one forget him! Yes, he climbed into my lap for big cuddles then came to bed with me & snuggled in the crook of my arm possessively. I love him but I do think he's looney tunes.


molytail said...

I got Ditz a book for her upcoming birthday & given my opinon on much of what is considered acceptable children's Christian literature that in itself is something of a miracle

Any particular authors you'd recommend? Our church has a small library, but for the younger set the choices are pretty limited, from what I've seen...they have the kids "Left Behind" series and they have another series, something called the "Cul de sac kids" ..LB, well I'm not sure if I want to introduce that to Miss Cinders or not, given the topic and my own uncertainty with all that (how on earth will I answer her questions?!?!)...the latter, they're very young and she found them boring. There must be some good stuff out there! :-)

Liddy did most of the driving although predictably she does not like driving in the city

Neither do I! Every so often I end up having to drive around over in Halifax (capital city of Nova Scotia, province over) and I. Hate. It. Did I mention that I hate it? LOL.

Ganeida said...

Moly I can't really recommend anything after Narnia. I just think Christian fiction books, with rare & wonderful exceptions, are just very badly written & bad literature! I hate the left behind series & think the theology is questionable.

Ditz & I did really like the Pathway readers put out by the Anabaptists but sadly I could only get my hands on 2 out here.

kimba said...

What "rare and wonderful exceptions" are you referring to,pray tell.

Ganeida said...

Nothing your Ladyship will like in all probability, my dear: Sayers (& I know how you looove her) Tolkien, Chesterton ~ all Brits as it happens. Oh & Marshell's Christy is very good. That's one American. There must BE others, I just can't think of any off hand.

MamaOlive said...

Sounds fun. I do my shopping at, which my only complaint is it's too big. I got Taryn a whole set of biographies - the cheap ones - and she likes them, but they aren't well written. We both liked the Concord Cunningham books by Mat Halverson. And while not strictly Christian, she reads a lot of Lois Lenski.
I got another Chesterson today and am wanting to try one.

Persuaded said...

i am looking forward to reading that bio of liddell with noah, although he won't be ready for quite some time. i have been looking longingly (or one could say lustfully) through the sonlight catalog, but alas it is beyond my pocketbook at present... unless i win their photo contest of course;)

what core will you be doing this year, may i ask?

Ganeida said...

Diane, we're getting ready to do core 6 ~ over 2 years. (that's so we can read more books:D) I am hoping the package will arrive today; it was suppossed to be posted n Thirsday & I am sooo excited. Ditz isn't but she's the one will miss out!

MamaO, I hope you enjy Chesterton. I love his style.

Persuaded said...

ganeida... when you say read more books, do you mean that you add supplemental books to the core? I *think* i remember reading a supplemental reading list to correspond with the cores on the website... do you use this or do you just add ones from your own preference that correlate with the material studied?

just wondering:)

oh, and another series of young folks books that are written with a Christian slant are the ones by madeline l'engle... do you care for those? i adored them in when i was a kid:)

Ganeida said...

Yes Diane, I like L'Engle too or Kate Seredy or Marguarite d'Angeli for younger readers but I dislike the modern writers enormously. *sigh*

What I was refering to is that core 6 can be done over either 1 year or 2. I chose the 2 year program as it may be slower but should be more thorough & we read more books. To say nothing of what we borrow from the library. This is the first year I've been able to afford the history as well & I am excited about that. Looking good!

Anonymous said...

Count your blessings that you don't have four Issis!!