Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Homeschooler's supivisory visit.

Technically we are on school holidays & have been since Friday. In reality it hasn't worked quite like that & today we had our supervisory visit for the term.

Our supervisor is really lovely. I know I keep saying this but we've suffered from the other sort so really appreciate what we have. This was a longish visit, mostly because it is really hard to do a musical assessment along with an academic assessment in an hour or so ~ & there is more music in Ditz's schedule than anything else! It was a great opportunity for Ditz to run through all her exam pieces & for all her protestations that she doesn't suffer from nerves she wasn't playing with her usual joi de verve & elan. She also sang This Little Babe from Ceremony of Carols ~ a Capella. I love that she can pitch herself (on a good day) without needing the note. In the end I was joking that we had managed to fit in some academic work as well & handed over the tests for math & science.
Math is our supervisor's area. As Ditz & I are weak in math we appreciate the help she can give ~ well, I appreciate it, Ditz suffers it. It always amuses me to watch professional teachers try & work with Ditz. She's plain exhausting, particularly when she's uninterested & unfocused. When she starts jiggling & singing as she works the eye rolling begins. After 10 minutes or so of this the teachers start looking pained. Half an hour of Ditz absconding with the pixies & the voice acquires an unnatural patience. Not only is Ditz a very visual learner her methodology is highly unorthodox & trying to untangle her thinking a nightmare of confusion. Her answers are usually correct but trying to follow how she gets there is a medley of visual double~speak. I'm used to her but she can tie others up in knots faster than you can say Jack Robinson!
Plus Ditz refuses point blank to be helpful as regards her writing; no nano story (that I keep talking about to her supervisor; Ditz just won't share!), no resume, no song lyrics though I know perfectly well Ditz does all these things. I am going to have to be sneaky. *sigh*
Our history has been a bit all over the place also as we finished up China, began Oz but as I am transitioning us into Sonlight Ditz has done more reading than anything else, apart from a bit of scrap booking.
Our supervisor brought her husband with her today & he is lovely too but he & Dearest bolted to do the scenic tour while Ditz & I & her supervisor struggled with fractions & no guarantee that Ditz has got it even now. She puts these things in her short term memory bank.
While I rushed round frantically this morning to ensure we had some semblance of order about the house Ditz made *Roadmaker's Crunch* for morning tea.

Unfortunately everyone in this house loves these & Dino was home. Sorry guys, there's absolutely none left. You all arrived far too late. I sent 4 up with Liddy's lunch knowing that she knew we were making it & that otherwise she wouldn't get any at all & she had to share with her workmates. I dropped her lunch in as we were taking people back to the boat. Liddy saw the car & came rushing out. We were running late so everyone waved frantically at her & I kept on driving. The look on her face was priceless but she does know about the boats!

Having complained bitterly that she was on holidays & shouldn't have to work in her holidays, having complained & complained that school was dull & boring & useless, having made it clear on numerous ocassions that she had far more interesting things to do than be educated I was stunned when Diz sidled up to me last night.

'It's not fair,' said Ditz. 'You've ruined my life. I'm addicted to my schoolwork!'

The obscure point of this conversation is that having found herself with some extended computer time Ditz suddenly realised she was researching chipmunks & how to make chocolate instead of enjoying herself! She's a scream Aren't you glad she's not yours?

I am taking Dearest to his mainland Doctor tomorrow & then I plan on having a very quite week or so while we have no outside commitments. I might actually catch up on the housework.


MamaOlive said...

'You've ruined my life. I'm addicted to my schoolwork!'
This is exactly how I felt when, after a lifetime of "not liking" airplanes, I found myself recognizing them by the sound of the engine.

I've forgotten the name of the treats Ditz made, but they look lovely. I know better than to ask for the recipe. :-) I'm on a diet, anyway.

Ganeida said...

MamaO, this is a recipe for the kids: no bake, no dangerous equipment (bar the rolling pin), no heat required.
1 pkt plain biscuits (we like milk arrowroots)
1 tin condensed milk
1 cup diced coconut
extra coconut
2 tabs cocoa powder

Mash the biscuits into crumbs. We put the bickies in a bag & hit it with the rolling pin. Add the other ingredients. Form into small balls & roll in extra coconut. Voila!

kimba said...

I can vouch for the "Roadmakers Crunch" although not having any cocoa I used instant coffee instead. Absolutely delicious :D

molytail said...

The obscure point of this conversation is that having found herself with some extended computer time Ditz suddenly realised she was researching chipmunks & how to make chocolate instead of enjoying herself!

ROFL. I love it. :-) ...I've seen some of the same with Cindy - and I'm so happy about it...I'd much rather she were looking up "why are hippos dangerous" than mucking about on that annoying stardoll site.

Glad your supervisor visit went well - if you have to have one of those, best that you have one that is on board with what you're doing and cares! :-)

Mmmmm...crunchy things sound delicious! :-D

Persuaded said...

ok, those crunchy things sound delish!

we have no such thing as homeschool advisers here, which is good in that the idea of anyone from the school coming in for a visit doesn't sound appealing at all. however if we had someone like your person who would actually help, then that would be an even better thing. a couple of years ago i was wanting some help on how to transition millen's program from academic to a more functional skills emphasis. i called the school to see if i could come in and talk with one of the special ed teachers, they said a most emphatic no. they felt that since we have decided to school our children ourselves we have absolved them of all responsibility or obligation to assist in any way. how very sad.

on second thought i think you are fortunate to have such ready access to help with schooling your kiddos:)