Thursday, July 31, 2008

One Birthday Girl in a Pear Tree.

As of Monday it's official: I no longer have any children, only teenagers & young adults. On the 4th, Ditz turns 13. She has always been such a happy sunny sort of a kid who likes to wallow in life ~ literally at times. I love her to bits but you know what teenagers are like. She's sorta at the , 'Aw, Muuuum!' stage so I'm not allowed to tell her just how much I love her. Sssh! She sometimes reads here.

My mum has gone to Thailand to spend time with my brother & his family so won't be ringing on her birthday & her parcel has already arrived ~ AND been opened! Dino is up on the Cape. Theo is coming over on Sunday to see her & we will do our family dinner then so I guess Ditz's actual birthday will be pretty quiet.

So what does one get a 13 year old? Nothing much. No, I'm not being mean. We have asked everyone to give Ditz money for her *music fund* rather than gifts as her ensemble seems set on travelling all over the place & we just can't come up with those sort of bucks but if Ditz has a fund she can draw on she may be able to do one or two of those trips.

I have just got her, on special, a DVD she wanted, a replacement set of pretty sleepers for her ears & a small book. My mum sent her 'something for her head (cap), something for her feet (toe socks)& something for her heart (silver heart on a chain)' & a cheque for the music fund. My Sydney friend has a fancy make~up bag for her & Liddy is going to pander to Ditz's girlie instincts & shout her a proper hair cut & highlights.

That has been something of an issue. Poor old Ditz got her father's glorious colouring & my fine fly~away hair. I have always kept it long as it is easiest looked after that way but Ditz wants it cut. Not short short but shorter than it is. Liddy suggested a styled cut. The problem with that is ensemble performances require her hair pulled back of her face so it has to be a certain length. I won't do fringes. Stupid, stupid fashion constantly getting in your eyes & needing cutting. A longish bob & highlights is a sort of compromise as Ditz thought black & bright red stripes might be the go. Uh, no, Ditz. No way.

Oh, & for cake Ditz has ordered our no bake cheescake with a meringue topping. *sigh* Only Ditz!


molytail said...

woah wait a sec- Aug 4th is Ditz' birthday?? Way cool - wanna know something neat?

August 4th is my best friend (cousin) Norm's birthday - *and*, until we got married this past January, it was also the date that Blair and I celebrated for our "anniversary" (of a sort) because it was Aug 4th, years ago, that we officially became a couple..we always laughed about our "anniversary" being Norm's, we have a new one, January 13th, but it was always the 4th before....

I love funny little things like this. *grin*

Very cute baby pic!

Miss Cinders is chomping at the bit to turn 13, but she still has to get to 12 first LOL ...

Funny, you mentioned not wanting Ditz to get a "fringe" (we call 'em "bangs" here) and I've been trying to talk Cindy into getting them because I'm constantly telling her to get her hair out of her face - and, I guess also because I love bangs myself and can't wear 'em LOL (they wave and do silly things) ..hmm, trying to live out my hair wishes vicariously through my kid I guess :-P


Constance said...

What a cute picture of her as a little girl! She's growing up and I totally understand about buying birthday presents. For years, we always set a dollar limit on Birthdays and Christmas'. If the kids wanted a big dollar item (stereo, TV, Gaming System, an Acoustic Electric Guitar, etc) I would tell other family members that if they would like to contribute to this gift I would do the legwork. My parents were always great about this and I would tell the kids, when they put their request in,

"You do realize that if you get this (fill in the blank) that this is ALL you're getting, right?"

Knowing that ahead of time enabled them to make an informed request. Just yesterday, Charles (he's the Musician and gamer in the family) told me that for his 18th birthday in October, he was going to see if everyone would like to get him "Guitar Hero" or something like that, for his gaming system. I'm just glad that there isn't a girlfriend right now that he's spending all of his money (and energy) on!


MamaOlive said...

Happy Birthday "Ditz!"

molytail said...

I know the 4th is practically over where you guys are, but I just got up LOL ...on that note, Happy Birthday 'Ditz' !! <3