Wednesday, May 28, 2008

To tootle or not to tootle, that is the question.

The sky is heavy with fat clouds & the rain is coming over the islands in low sweeping rushes that obliterate the shores & enclose us in a damp grey world that is cold enough to have the cat mooning round my feet begging to be picked up & snuggled into a warm lap. At this time of the morning he's got Buckley's. I have cancelled today's flute lesson.

Ditz, who finally decided to practise madly last night has been dragging her feet about practise because scales are sequencing & rote, two things that Ditz does not do well. *sigh* So I was rather surprized to hear her dutifully running through her arpeggios because...well, it turns out Ditz likes arpeggios! Huh? I think Ditz just likes odd.

So we are having another quiet week where we are doing more school than usual, which is how I always manage to keep Ditz's head above water & us more or less on track but it does not make for a happy Ditzy. Just the same I do not think Ditz wants to battle the boats & the long walk in these conditions just so she can tootle her flute for 1/2 an hour & while I don't mind the hour wait on the jetty to come home again when the weather is pleasant I definitely object when it is wet & freezing cold. Home definitely looks good today.

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