Thursday, May 8, 2008


Breathe...just breathe.

Ditz behaved like un numero uno spoilt brat of the year last night until I was speaking to her through gritted teeth & Liddy waded in laying down the law...& all over a bra!!! She wouldn't look, she wouldn't hold a hanger & she wouldn't try one on properly. She wandered off while we were trying to decide on foundation & blush & generally behaved like a 2 year old on speed. Liddy had arranged to leave work early & come across with us to help. I was exhausted already & neither off us were impressed. I do not know what possessed Ditz but she was impossible & sulked about our crossness as the salesgirl rang up our purchases. As the figure totaled & I handed over every note in my purse the penny dropped. She was costing me an absolute fortune & had just behaved in the most abominable fashion.

I was fretting because I had never thought to bring her white shirt with us but it had never occurred to me there was more than one shade of tan in bra colours! I wasn't sure about what we finally got & at the price they were did not want to have to go back for another. Ditto the foundation as Ditz has a redhead's colouring. I was upset. I was very upset. You know how it is when you've made a huge effort for a child & they choose that moment to be completely unappreciative. So I wasn't speaking in case I threw a quite inappropriate tantrum of my own in the middle of the parking lot & told my youngest daughter exactly what I thought with no mincing of words ~ & believe me I can be extremely vocal when pushed.

With the amount she had just cost me now glaringly obvious Ditz turned contrite. She apologized in the shop. She apologised all the way across the parking lot. Guilt ate her up like a swarm of locusts. She said thank you a dozen different ways. I was way past contrite & over guilt complexes. Even Liddy was eyeing me with some alarm. No wonder I pulled out of the darkened parking lot & onto the main highway, drove through 3 sets of lights & 2 round~a~bouts & never realised I'd forgotten to turn on my lights!!! ooops! At least giggling restored everyone's good humour.

I dropped Liddy at soccer training & took Ditz on to band & at break Ditz spent her own money at the canteen & brought me over a *snickers* ~ appeasement time. Chocolate fixes all sorts of things & of all the things Ditz can't stand, me being really cross with her is highest on her list. I expect to~day will be a good day. Anything else & Ditz figures she'll be dead meat. Meanwhile I now have the other one to deal with. Liddy has not made the team she was trialing for & although she expected nothing less, having been out all last season, she is still disappointed & between extra training, Ditz's nonsense & work is over extended & over tired herself. I hate post mortems & Liddy's last such a very long time. Oh well. What are mothers for if not to listen while daughters go into meltdown & at least it's not Ditz.


Mrs. Darling said...

Tink gets just like this. Its such a trial!

Ganeida said...

Isn't it? Tink at least has some excuse for her behaviour; Ditz is just doing a Ditz...but at least she is being a perfect angel today. I guess she's over tired too & wired about this concert.

molytail said...

*hugs for everyone* - sounds like you all could use a few. ;-)

Chocolate does fix everything LOL

It's a tough age that our girls are all at - they're no longer 'little kids' but not yet grown...this is just a guess but I wonder if this whole makeup & bra thing is even harder on Ditz than it would be on us because those things have such *growing up* stuff attached to them...know what I mean? Hard enough to be 12 and in that 'in between' stage, then to be pushed farther into that stuff (and I mean by the concert people! Don't read that wrong LOL ) .....

I hope it all goes well in the end though - and I bet it will!


Ganeida said...

What an insightful post Moly. Yeah, Ditz doesn't want to admit she is the *girly~girl* she is. She wants to be more like Liddy but Lidds's built like her mama (& thinks like her mama) which Ditz most definitely is not. And it is the whole *woman* not child thing. I do know but she really was out there & swinging & it was all for her & her thing & she just wouldn't co~operate. She complained bitterly about the make~up then couldn't stop fiddling with it...argh! Anyhoo she is doing a Shakespeare thing & I'm getting that lady to do some make~up know how with her.

molytail said...

she really was out there & swinging & it was all for her & her thing & she just wouldn't co~operate.

Oh I don't doubt it - and what I said above isn't meant to *excuse* horrible behaviour either, don't get me wrong. I've actually had to have a few convos about the whole lack of appreciation thing with Miss Cinders lately, and she gave me the 'you never let me do anything I want' line the other day when I said no to a request - I told her if I hear that again, she really *will* spend some time with a lack of choices and she *won't* like it. ;-)