Sunday, May 25, 2008

Homeschool Highlights.

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No, that's not our cat...but it may as well have been. While those of you in the northern hemisphere are enjoying warm balmy days we Down Under are slowly getting colder & colder; cold enough in fact that Ditz has barely moved from her bed all week but has huddled under her bedclothes with book & cat requesting hot toast & warm milo at appropriate intervals.

Piled into the bed with her was her history reading, her English reading, her science book, her history scrapbooking, the new novel she is writing, & a crumby plate. Her mug was perched precariously on her secretariat within easy reach. (We seem to have misplaced her math ~ Again! How those books do walk!) The coldest, wettest night we were at band on the mainland & were just pleased to get home. There are lots of things I like about homeschooling but seeing my child warmly snuggled on a cold winter's morning with her work about her is a definite highlight.

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Shari Ellen said...

That is a neat highlight about homeschooling. A few months ago, we were homeschooling wrapped in blankets and drinking hot cocoa. But now it has warmed up here and a lot of our learning has moved outdoors.