Monday, May 19, 2008

May 20th
Outside My Window everything is blue & sunshiney. Blue water, blue sky & so much of light glinting of the dew wet leaves as sharply as knives.

I am thinking... I'm not so sure about this Daybook thing. I might be busy but honestly I suspect my life is only really interesting to me...& then not always.

I am thankful for...Ah, now this is always a goody. Shelter over my head on these cold winter night especially when the wind blows & the rain buckets down; warm blankets to snuggle under & a cat to be my hot water bottle; family to love on & to love on me; my garden growing food for us to eat & hot rich coffee laced with cream.

From the kitchen... all's quiet down below & the kitchen I avoid unless it's absolutely unavoidable. There's food in there & everyone knows where to find it.

I am trackies, black zip up jacket, green head covering, heavy blue jacket, red fingerless gloves; a fashion guru I am not.

I am creating...bog posts galore & arrows for the Lord.

I am going...nowhere today! Tomorrow is another story but today I am home. I love being home.

I am reading...a biography on Nureyev & another on gardening both interesting & funny & the stories aren't repeatable in polite company. And this is the crazy artsy world Ditz wants to belong to. Ah well, it takes all sorts.

I am hoping...we have a better day today. Ditz is unwell & that always makes working with her extra hard. Liddy is unhappy not to be working & that makes her difficult. I am unhappy that everone else is unhappy & that makes me difficult....Catch 22.

I am hearing...Birdsong. It is a solid wall of sound round here this early in the morning. Birds always sound so happy. I wish I was always that joyful.

Around the house...this early it is sooo quiet. Dino has been up & gone to work already. The girls are still sleeping & Issi has headed outside to enjoy the morning. In a moment I am going outside to water the garden & sniff the clean, crisp morning air. Then I will turn the washing machine on & fill the kitchen sink to start washing up all the plates that somehow accumulated after I'd gone to bed last night.

One of my favorite things...Is being alone in a sleeping house like this. I know where everone is. I know everyone's safe & no~one is upset or bugging me & I can pray that when they get up we will be off to a good start to our day.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: No. This one I'm not doing. Thinking about everything I have to do each week just makes me tired. I want to curl up in a ball & sleep away the days. Each day has troubles enough of it's own but if I can keep Ditz on track I may get round to finishing the cementing of the verandah posts. Maybe...

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Mrs. Darling said...

Wow it does sound like you're having a quiet day. But you know? We all need those sometime. Glad you did this daybook thingy! Its fun in a different sort of way! LOL

Kelli said...

I enjoyed reading your Daybook and I hope you are having a great week!