Thursday, May 1, 2008

The island.

Yes, I've been saying over & over how much I hate the mainland & by now I'm sure you're all wondering what my problem is. My problem is less the mainland than the island. See the island looks like this at present:There is a crispness to the morning air, a haze on the water & the sun is dancing through the shadows. The days are absolutely glorious. Small birds dip & dart through the trees trilling, rock wallabies graze on the roadside. Why would I willingly exchange all this for smog & polluction & noise & the rudness of city people who don't know what it is to have dirt under their fingernails & good things growing in the dirt they have tilled themselves? What I like to be doing at this time of the year is gadening & it's not happening. Much as I love the arts (& strangely enough I do) they will never compensate for God's creation & the *living art* of leaf & twig & swirling water. I am home today & wallowing happily in the fact I'm not leaving the island today. Oh, happy day!

As a by~note the island is as quirky as ever & not all of it is our fault. Mainlanders are responsible for the construction of our community swimming pool. They finished it just in time for winter. It was filled with water & open for exactly one day before being closed for the winter. Islanders are just shaking their heads over the folly & expense of it all, not least because the ducks have discovered it & last time I looked twenty wood ducks were happily paddling up & down the lanes. Ever had to clean up duck poop? Enough said.


Mrs. Darling said...

Id love to come visit your island. I even help clean up the duck poop! Lol

molytail said...

echoing Mrs Darling above, duck poop and all :-P

You live on a tiny little island surrounded by water and they built a pool in the midst of it? Why??? LOL

(My island has community pools, but we're huge compared to yours and these are indoors - it's not really feasible to swim in the ocean on a -28C day in winter LOL)

I don't know why some prefer the racket and smog either...