Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Running screaming through the streets...Again.

Argh! We've reached that horrible milestone again where Ditz is running out of curriculum & I have to decide what I'm ordering next. Because she works so unevenly at least we only run out of one subject at a time & at the moment we are down to just 2 readers left out of the 50 or so we actually ordered. Wow!

Now school in any shape or form is definitely not Ditz's favourite activity. Every day she asks if today can be a holiday, does she have to do this, does she have to do that, until I could run screaming through the streets, you know! So....I decided including her in the decision making process would be beneficial. I really am mad. She dutifully followed me to the computer & looked at all the pretty covers on all the lovely books for the next 2 Sonlight cores & declared all the books *boring*. Terrific! Nothing wrong with the idea, wrong outcome.

I asked if she'd prefer to move to a more textbook formula? Oops! That's writing & she wriggled out of that one really fast! Would she prefer level 6 or level 7, because I think all the books look pretty great though I know we won't enjoy all of them. Ditz decided she didn't care so I get to choose. Great! What is wrong with this picture?
And this is the child that thinks she would like regular school, says she hates home schooling. Yep, can really see her engaging well with a regular teacher. I'd be getting those lovely little notes home all the time about my child's *passive resistance* (Liddy excelled in these ~ only Ditz isn't the passive sort. Doesn't bear thinking about.) Hello? You have the child for 8 hours a day; you do something about it! Or how about report cards like these..Could do better if he tried; Joss' speciality. Or this: Dino needs to learn to exercise his mind as well as his body. I swear it's true. Or better yet, Theo is progressing well. The child was so dyslexic he still couldn't read at the end of grade 2, having begun a year late as it was ~ but hey, he didn't have a reading problem & was *progressing well*! Sheesh! Am I sounding a little wild?
Now I am the first to admit I'm not the world's most exciting teacher & sad to say I am prone to being rather academic. Worse I actually like history & literature. We will skim rather quickly over math but even science, from the purely theoretical & *big picture* format, is not beyond my interests. In fact I'm interested in most things; which is why I can become equally fascinated by Ditz's music program & Liddy's soccer....& why I just do not understand my child. How can anyone find learning everything so extremely dull? I suspect (hope!) the child is having me on.
Her father jokes if we sold Ditz on E~Bay they'd pay us double to take her back again! Sad to say I think he's right. To Drama Queen Extraordinaire add World's Biggest Contrary Mary. She's so much fun to play with!


Persuaded said...

ahh... the ever-thrilling curriculum conundrum:P i was convinced we were going to sonlight this next year, but now i am leaning towards doing prairie primer with perhaps developmental math and not-sure-at-all reading. so as you can see i am ready to run screaming through the streets along with you- too bad our respective streets are on the opposite sides of the world, eh?

i'll pray for you, and you can pray for me.. deal? ((hugs))

Mrs. Darling said...

Yep thats me too; I love everything educational and Tink hates it all. Yeah, the school said Tink didnt have a problem either! Then why couldnt she read past a preschool level at the end of third grade? Most have been because the teacher had a problem! I told them that too. I said, "Well if she doesnt have a problem then the teacher must!"

I never did understand why that comment wasnt received well. ;)