Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ditz's funny.

Sunday was crash & burn time. I'd taken the girls down to the oval to watch the newly formed island soccer team play their first *at home* match when the first niggles of impending doom appeared. The men were already down 4~0 by 1/2 time with no sign that they would claw their way back so I grabbed Ditz & headed home thinking I could sleep the beginning migraine off. No such luck. It was not a good day & none of the things I had planned for the day got done. No music practise got done either. Flutes & migraines are not a good mix.

However at some point Ditz shared a huge funny which still has me sniggering to myself. I said Liddy attracted a lot of stares at the ensemble practise. Turns out that the entire ensemble bar Alison (who knew better) had Ditz figured as an only child with a very over~protective mother. Then Liddy shows up looking like the dead spit of her sister. The entire ensemble made a quantum leap from only child to *twin* sister. Talk about jumping to conclusions. And there are 3 more at home! Worse, Liddy looking young for her age & Ditz older than she is, the mistake is rather understandable but Ditz was mortified because Liddy truely can't sing. Not a note. Worse & worse. Ditz let slip she has brothers ~ older brothers. She attracted attention then all right! 'Are they hot?' the girls wanted to know. In all honesty Ditz had to admit that, yes, they are very hot but she was absolutely disgusted. That is the sort of silly talk & thinking we have never encouraged. Besides, she has brothers; it is beyond her comprehension why anyone would want one of those!

Now don't get me wrong. Ditz adores her brothers & they are rather fond of her but they invariably smell fishy &/or sweaty, borrow her doshka without asking first, eat all her treats in the middle of the night when they arrive home hungry, leave very smelly shoes & socks lying about, tease her in ways she doesn't find the least bit funny & boss her to death. Liddy & I quite see her point. Why would you want one of these as a fashion accessory? No, I don't know either but it seems plenty of girls do. Note to self: Never, ever take the boys to an ensemble rehearsal; the girls will eat them alive!


kimba said...

Can see why you didn't put you reading matter image any larger. To bad, I can still read the title. Wikipedia has a synopsis. I assume it is not one of Ditz's readers. lol.

molytail said...

Oh my, they thought they were twins? :-o ....they look alike, but they don't look the same age! (Or at least not to me) ...heh, that's funny though...

(and I know what you mean about not encouraging that type of thinking - the whole 'hot' thing - because I try to keep that from rearing its head here too...harder, with the piles of boy crazy girls in our neighbourhood)

Constance said...

My youngest, Charles is 17 with 3 older sisiters. recently one of my girls said,
"This sounds so wrong to even say it but Bub is hot!"
Ha Ha!