Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Toys for Girls...

This is the car that Liddy bought; well, not the actual car but the style. We went over to the mainland yesterday after she finished work to pay for it & drive it back to the marina.

I was a cot case. I very nearly wiped it out going through an intersection but I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I've driven in peak hour traffic in the last year ~ & I'd still have fingers left over. It has done nothing for my confidence while Liddy cheerfully assumed I'd drive her & 1/2 her soccer team down to their game on the Gold Coast this weekend. Ha!

At least I can see to drive this one. Theo has a dirty great ute & it is a stretch for me to actually reach anything ~ brake, pedals, gear stick; everything's just out of reach. I hate driving his car.

The first time I drove it I was terribly nervous & as all the indicators & things are on the opposite side to where I find them on my little island car I got terribly confused. Just out of the marina there is a great big hill with a right hand turn at the top of it & naturally that is where I stalled with the traffic banking up behind me. In my haste to get going & stop embarrassing myself I dropped the clutch. The 6 cylynder monster Theo calls a car let out this almighty VROOM! VROOM! All around other hoons dropped their cluthes & as I toddled off down the road I had a succesion of teenage driven cars edge up to see if I was racing. Liddy nearly wet herself as face after astonished face had a jaw dropping moment when they realised it was a sedate little old lady with a head covering at the wheel!!! I just pretended not to see any of them.

Anyway Liddy still doesn't even have her Learners. However, I now know what the problem is & frankly I could spit chips because the Transport Department, in its wisdom, has devised a test for visual learners. Liddy is not visual. When I saw her twisting that test card round & round to try & give herself the 3~D picture so she could imagine doing it I knew she was in trouble. You can't tell Liddy. You can't show her; it just doesn't compute. She is a kinesthetic learner so she needs to do. Once we can get her behind the wheel of a car I expect she will very quickly become a much better & more competant driver than I am although being a visual learner I could do that test standing on my head. Given that driving is something people have to do the test strikes me as being one of the less sane things beauracy has dreamed up.


Constance said...

Dave & I got Charlie's car in September. He doesn't have his permit yet either, he missed the deadline to take Driver's education at school so Dave will begin teaching him. Dave is a Defensive Driving Instructor with the Railroad, one of his many responsibilities, so Charlie will learn from one of the best!

The car looks similiar to cars over here in the States. It's a very nice-looking car. Dave insisted Charlie's car be an automatic and no stick-shift. I think he didn't want to have to teach one more child how to drive a standard transmission! A stick is actually MY preference!


sevenwhiskers said...

oh that's a cute little car! :-)

i have no idea what a "dirty great ute" is, but i can well guess what style of car you're speaking of in the next bit, and the image of the teens coming up to race ya is priceless LOL

what an odd test they seem to have their... there's no 'visual' part to ours, just the written multiple choice and the sign matchup thing, to get your learners...