Friday, October 19, 2007

That's my Cat!

I spoke too soon. I said Issi wasn't a hunter. This afternoon there was a wild rapping on my door & a Frantic Ditz because Issi had killed a snake. It was a poor wee excuse for a snake but a snake just the same & the long thin ones can be even more lethal than the fat juicy ones. I thought about pictures after I'd removed the cat & sent the snake hurtling down the hill where no doubt it will feed the goannas.

This is the cat who was a good 12 months old before he caught anything other than a piece of string. It was a tiny little honey eater & he was immensley proud of himself. As we were out he sat patiently with one paw on this poor bird until we got home when he proudly dropped it at our feet. It was still alive & Iss found himself in so much trouble he was quite bewildered. Our regular birds all know he's around & are not above teasing him outrageously. Luckily for them he's notoriously lazy & disinclined to robust exertion.

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