Sunday, October 21, 2007

Confession time...

I am more computer savvy now than when I first started blogging & my present blog is much more like the Sidhe I envisioned than thesidhe ever was, Sidhe being a lovely Gaelic word for a fairy mound. If you think the present name has departed from my origonal Celtic obsession then you probably don't know that Ganeida was Merlin's sister & a druid file (poetess) & musician in her own right. (This is fantasy, right. I know I can't sing ~ Ditz tells me so regularly~ & my poetic abilities are questionable.)

Now I actually know what I'm doing (sort of) I am enjoying myself much more & stressing far less but alack & alas, that is not the only reason I am posting more at present. Prayers please. We have been suffering serious spiritual attack since the Lord gave me my next message (Matthew7:21~23) & although I did my rough draft some weeks back I have been using any & every excuse not to get stuck into typing it up & finishing it. The music ministry has had a meltdown so I have had to choose songs so Ditz's piano teacher has done prayer & overview with me for that. Plus I felt the Lord leading me to make some alterations to the order of service. Our committee is wonderful & very supportive but organization I am so not good at & previously all I had to do was stand & deliver, you know! Now I don't want to particularly stand & deliver this message. It is confronting ~& I so hate confrontation. I am very much a behind the scenes sort of girl ~ unlike my Ditz who likes nothing better than shining brightly in the limelight. In short, I have been curling round the Lord's feet very much as Issi does round mine fussing that other people get to deliver nice encouraging messages & I get one that will probably upset everone. I am having a case of the Ughs.

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Constance said...

You know, I wondered what "Sidhe" meant? I thought my dumbness would show too much if I asked. I figured it was a "down under" kind of a thing and I would look like a total dufus for asking! Ha ha! I have been tracing our family's genealogy and have hit a brick wall in regards to the Scottish link. I know we are descended from the Campbell clan and the Malcolm (McCollum's) clan. I've been incoorporating Scottish history into the chapters that deal with those relatives and when they came to America.

It looks like you linked me! Yipee. If you click on your "layout" option on the "dashboard" it will take you to "page elements". Click on "Link Lists" and it will give you the opportunity to title your blogroll. I call mine, "Daily House Calls". (Sounds kind of stupid probably but that was the only thing that came to mind.) Once you've added your links, you can also edit them and label them as well. I am a visual learner so I don't know if talking you through the process made any sense? Feel free to e-mail me at
if you have any questions. Just list "Ganeida" in the title section so I don't think it's SPAM.

Have a great day today! We had a front move through and now we finally have our Fall-like temperatures! Happy, happy, joy, joy!