Saturday, October 20, 2007


Prayer is a funny thing. Liddy has talked about playing nationally since she first started playing soccer. She is very focused & her dream never changed over the years but reality did kick in as she grew older. The reality is that without her own transport her choice of clubs was limited & getting her to trials was a major problem ~ let alone getting her around the country.

We have talked about the best way of overcoming the issue for years & it has always meant Liddy needed to get her own car. Now she is working that became something of a reality to save for. I told her if she bought the car then I was prepared to drive her until she got her license. (We won't go into how daft I am for offering!)

Now it has been on our prayer 'hit list' in a general sort of a way for years. You know the sort of thing: Liddy will need a car; help! Lately Liddy has got a tad more specific. Her car wasn't to cost more than $2500. And that is as far as we had got. Liddy opened a savings account as soon as she turned 18 & committed 1/3 of her pay to savings with a view to looking for a car in the new year. God had other plans. A friend rang last night. Their manual car had been sitting at the dealership for weeks. No~one wants it because it is a manual. We prefer manuals. They wanted 2500 for it!!! Liddy has got a small, interest free loan. As of next week she is the proud owner of a car she can't drive.

The truely scarey part is it opens up all sorts of doors for Ditz & her music as well & as Liddy says, getting up to my mother's just became sooo much easier. I just know God has blessed my girls so they can be a blessing to others in ways we can't even imagine just yet. This is the nuts & bolts reality of God seriously preparing every good work beforehand. It is a fascinating journey.

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