Thursday, October 18, 2007

Other choice wildlife.

I grew up with these.
Nothing else has ever seemed so scarey by comparison. These are funnel web spiders ~ nice & lethal. What is super scary is they would fall into the pool when looking for water but instead of decently drowning they form an air bubble around themselves & can live for 3 days under water. Yuk doesn't even begin to describe it.
We had a family friend who made perspex door handles & we would collect funnel webs for him. (Naturally it was a him.) He would embalm them in the perspex door knobs for those with a particularly perverted sense of humour. We were one of his best suppliers but we lived in sandstone country & were keen gardeners. Black spiders & black soil = close encounters. Now I live in snake country I am far more relaxed. Snakes I can at least see.

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Constance said...

ICK! That makes me rethink the way I feel about spiders! We have had the occasional black widow here in Texas where we live. Of course I have an extermination company that comes out and sprays every 3 months to keep on top of the creepy-crawlies. My dad has been bitten several times by Brown Recluse spiders. Typically the poison settles into a joint where he's suffered a previous injury, for example his torn rotator cuff. He was miserable and couldn't lift his arm for months!