Thursday, October 18, 2007

Liddy is 18!

So what did I buy my sporty daughter for her special birthday? See right .Crummy photo. It's actually pearl & silver colours & thankfully she was charmed with it. She got lots of perfume ~ something I'd avoided as it's a migraine trigger for me & now I'm avoiding her room & making her drive with the window well down!
The best gift? She is back playing soccer & the summer comp is at Premier level. Best stadiums, best coaches & scouts for the big time all over the place ~ all of which is one thing but having lost her entire season Liddy is hungry; very hungry indeed. Plus her gym training is starting to show results. She will never be a big, solid girl but she is now nearly all muscle! And she badly wants a place on the National Squad! Everyone else, Watch out!

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Constance said...

Happy Birthday! That's a pretty necklace. A couple of weeks ago when my youngest daughter Laura was sick, she had to miss going to a jewelry party with me. I bought her a delicate flower bracelet with pink stones. It looks like it was made with her in mind!