Monday, October 29, 2007

The Lord is Good to Me!

The weight of the Lord's hand pressing between my shoulder blades & the overwhelming sense of opression; both are now gone.

It was a hard message & I fretted so much about it so I was sort of looking forward to the 6 or so weeks I get inbetween messages when it is someone else's bunny to be persecuted, oppressed & depressed. No such luck this time. I know what my next message is to be on ~ The Song of Songs. My initial response is absolute delight! I love the song of Songs & a chance to study it in depth & then talk about it ~ well, what more could I ask for?

And for my birthday I got to play on the computer all day. Theo & Ditz are sick & just curled up in bed for the day & Dearest cooked dinner. I think my mother has forgotten me. It's nearly bedtime & no card & no phone call.


Constance said...

That was interesting about the cuckoo bird, I didn't know that! I am super simpistic but I see object lessons in almost every thing in life. I was thinking about the JEWS being the original apple of God's eye and how we Believer's in Christ, have been taken in, adopted as His own and nurtured. Thankfully He doesn't abandon us or chuck us out of the nest!

Happy Birthday! Have you heard from your Mom yet? Does she live fairly close by?

Have a great day! Of course due to time differences, I imagine your day is probably already winding down! In that case, have a great tomorrow!

Siano said...

Aaargh; I'm sorry, sweetie. Happy belated!! I blame post-uni letdown for my total forgetfulness.

Ganeida said...

Lol, Ladies. Thankyou for the birthday wishes.

N, Connie, My mum's about 2 hours away so we normally only see her once or twice a year. I've been going up on the train with Ditz when we do our school breaks but that is exhausting & takes forever.

sevenwhiskers said...

aw, i didn't realise you had a birthday just pass! happy latelate birthday!>^..^<