Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm having a little tanti ~ ignore me temporarily.

Aaagh! This is being a horrible, horrible week! Some people are just a vexation to the spirit & they don't know it. The kids have all ducked for cover while the spiritual grenades explode above their heads.

I hate when people want to impose their view of what is right & necessary onto me, as though I'm an idiot who can't determine what the Lord wants from me for myself. I wish they would just do their job without all the fuss & let me get on with doing mine ~ it would so relieve the stress that they have caused & now want to 'relieve' in ways that only stress me more! I want to throw a tantrum of my own. I'm tired of being polite & considerate & understanding & patient & this acquiring the Fruits of the Spirit is distinctly loosing its bloom.

I am going to hide amongst the mangroves on the waterfront & thank God I have places to hide whereI can just get away quietly from people before I say or do something we would all regret. I will recover my equilibrium in quietness & solitude & hopefully present a more Christ~like attitude shortly.

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Constance said...

Spiritual hand grenades exploding over their heads. Wow, I like that! I might have to borrow that! May today be a better today!
Thinking of you,