Sunday, October 21, 2007

Cat humour.

Issi is a cat. He likes high places: the roof of the car, the edge of the verandah, the roof of the house ~ & from there he will watch the world pass by.

Some of the world Iss doesn't like ~ like the neighbour's minature poodle. I'm not overfond of this dog either. It is a yappy animal that barks incessantly when its owner isn't home ~ which is a lot ~ & then it wanders. Where it wanders is up our way & we don't really like dogs, certainly not the snappy, yappy ones.

Now Iss has a wicked sense of humour & he decided to teach this intrusive animal a lesson. I saw this so I will vouch for my animal. Iss happened to be sunbaking on the car roof when the snappy, yappy poodle came bouncing up our street. He opened one baleful eye pretty put out at being disturbed. The poodle was busy bouncing at Ditz who wasn't real keen on the interaction & was edging back into her own yard. Iss was in stalking mode, crouched & ready to pounce, just waiting till Ditz had brought that dog within range. The next moment Iss had taken a flying leap off the car roof & landed square on the back of a very astonished poodle. It took off with Iss clinging to his back like a rodeo rider while we howled with laughter.

That is one dumb dog because he keeps coming back & Iss has gone him several times in the same way & the dog is absolutely terrified of the grey furball that drops from the skies. You think it would have learned.

Iss has also managed to terrify one or two of our human visitors as well. Now we are talking a cat who cries if it looses its human & has serious meltdown moments when I go away for any length of time. Sook doesn't begin to describe what a major woos this animal is. Just the same he has taken a major dislike to several people & growls like a bull mastiff at them. Grown men have been known to freeze in their tracks when Issi growls. The funniest one was a very loud charismatic Christian who found Iss twinning round his ankles with a rumbling purr & a ferocious growl. The poor man didn't know whether he was going to be loved to death or issi's next meal.

Like I said this cat's a woos. When he first arrived he hardly ever went outside & that was good as we were having a lot of trouble with feral cats just then & there were constant cat fights at night. Then one evening we heard a lot of hissing & spitting. The next thing Issi comes hurtling through the open front door, down the hall, round the corner & out the back door. Hot on his heels came a huge black cat who suddenly found himself confronting 6 astonished humans & one very irate Siamese. Iss, being no fool, had brought his tormentor to be dealt with ~ which Gyver promptly did!


Constance said...

Just like that man's book,"Marley & Me" about his relationship with his dog, you should compile stories about your psycho cat! He sounds like has has an extra helping of personality! He will be the family pet everyone remembers long after he's gone!

sevenwhiskers said...

the dog is absolutely terrified of the grey furball that drops from the skies

ROFL -- this just did me in LOL