Friday, October 26, 2007

Another horror story.

Why do I always get these stories?

I went to buy 2 bags of cement for Dearest ~ something about posts for the verandah; I only listened to the pertinent bit relevant to my errand. What I got was 2 bags of cement & a horror story.

O.K I'm not a big fan of the public school system anyway but I figure we have choices & I made mine to not go with the schools. Yet every time someone's child is failing a class or getting seriously bullied the parent feels they have to tell me all about it. What's with that? I have learnt most aren't the least interested in actually pulling their child out so don't even suggest homeschooling. What do they think I can do?

I feel so bad for these kids. Bullies have so much time to make their lives a living hell, 10 hours a day, sometimes more. Kids start skipping classes & missing days. The schools are toothless tigers. If a bullied child defends themselves they're the one who ends up with the suspension & a mark against their name but why do so many parents feel they are powerless in these situations? So I listened patiently & sympathised & I silently thanked God that it wasn't my child. I thank God we are out of the system, that homeschooling is legal in this country & most days are good days. I thank God we are able to do this & I don't have to send my 12 year old daughter to a high school where a 13 yr old was gang raped in school hours by fellow students.

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sevenwhiskers said...

oh man, that poor girl. :-(

what is WRONG with kids today?? (as the ones who did this horrible thing are also 'kids') ... what is going on with the world that this sort of horrible thing seems to happen (and other violence) more and more often??

eh, i know there's likely no answer to those questions.. but ugh...