Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Today is better...

Things happen in the spiritual realms we're not even aware of. God rallied the troops & lots of phone calls started coming in from people who had beome concerned & been led to pray with no idea of what had been going on. It always astonishes me that God cares that much & is working to resolve an issue when all I can do is crawl into my hole in the ground, pull a rock over my head & refuse to come out & play. So, yes, I am feeling much more myself this morning. Besides they can't badger me today. Today is flute & band so I'm not going to be here to badger.

In all the kerfuffle Ditz chose now to 'become a woman', as the saying goes. I thought she might like a little celebration but when I hinted along those lines I was very promptly squashed. The poor child's in denial.

My entire household is carefully avoiding me just now as if I have some dread disease. I mentioned to Liddy, who had been rabbiting on at me for hours about problems at work, that she hadn't asked about my day. She eyed me as though I was contagious then said, 'You're giving the message this week. I don't want to know', & promptly returned to her obssession with work. Anything, so long as spititual bombs weren't landing in her sandpit! Ditz edged up to me & hissed, 'You're not asking me to do anything, are you?' The lads just stated categorically they didn't want to know. I get so much support from my family!

Dearest, being a Scots Spanaird or a Spanish Scotsman, but hot~blooded however you cut it, is only asked to out claidheamh mor & dagger at direst need. If he enters the fray there is inevitably Blood for Breakfast. Ido so like that phrase!

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