Sunday, April 20, 2008

The weekend.

My mother is getting tinier & tinier amongst her growing grandchildren but I think she had a nice time with everyone round & the kids do well together though poor Dino got dragged round the Plazza for hours while Liddy shopped for clothes. Neither he nor Ditz were madly impressed.

We went to the Eumundi markets, which used to be fantastic when the kiddies were little & full of people who did their own hand crafted items. The markets have grown huge & commercialized (like so much else) & are nowhere near as much fun as they used to be.

However we spotted these hand made jackets dyed with vegetable dyes & Dino bought me one because, 'That is so you, mum.' Well I think it is lovely but I appreciate the thought more.

After the markets we had a look at how mum & dad's old property has been sub~divided. There are 13 blocks between 1 & 7 acres & the green corridor along the creek beds where the rainforest grows & the platypus play has been kept intact, which pleased us all.

The whole weekend was wet & windy so the beaches were out. Dino says a weekend with the girls was fine but a whole week would be too much! I think they are all too much. They like to be busy & doing things.

We left mum's after an early lunch Sunday for Liddy's soccer game. Poor Dino. He was nearly beside himself at the way the girls were playing & itching to get out on the pitch & show them how it's done. I thought they would do all right. Liddy, who was playing out on the left wing but has a knack of positioning herself just right, scored first after a fairly even 20 minutes. Dino captured the moment on film. Lid's in red in the middle of the scrimmage round the goal mouth. Normally the team takes heart if she scores early but not on Sunday. They just lost it psychologically & ended up going down 3~1. Liddy was really put out with them. She gave them the psychological advantage & the scoreline advantage & they didn't capatalise on it.

We had very little traffic & good flow coming home so were back on the island by 7.30, to the pschotic ones great delight. He knew we were coming & was, by all accounts, bouncing round like a yo~yo in his delight. He slept with his head over my heart & I got loved on hard all night long. That cat really is something else!

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molytail said...

I'm glad you guys had fun, despite the 'wet and windy'.... your family is lovely (has anyone ever mentioned how much Liddy and Ditz look alike??) and that jacket is way cool. *grin*

Cats are such sooks, aren't they? (even the psychotic ones LOL)