Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Todays D & M.

I have been thinking (& don't ask if it hurts! :P) about our hidden lives; the lives we don't talk about or blog about, life after the computer screen goes dark & the lights switch off & why I blog as if I'm as ditzy as my ditzy daughter. What is the meaning of it all?

Did I ever mention I'm not much of a realist? My reality sucks. Oh not all the time & not unendurably but a lot of it's not fun either. We exist on a disability pension. This puts us well below the poverty line. You see Dearest has so many things wrong with him that if he was a horse you'd shoot him & put him out of his misery. He can do very little thanks to a broken back which means I live in an unfinished house with no storage space & Dearest is underfoot 24/7. This is not happy news for someone who enjoys her own company & already has one chronic people person trailing her about. To the homeschooling add the duties of a full time carer. Doing anything outside the norm is a nightmare in logistics & logistics are not my strong suite. To this volaltile mix add two people with some mental illness. (Besides Issi). One, happily, is not living here at present. The other is medicated to the hilt. Improvements in mental health mean their meds no longer turn them into walking zombies (we have lived that scenario & it was not fun) but it does not make for the most stable of environments for raising children either.

The old adage says you either laugh or you cry. How we face what life throws at us is a choice. I choose (for the most part) to laugh & stay focused on the positive things in my life & the strength who undergirds me, my Lord & saviour. The things of this life will pass. This is the furnace to refine us into gold fit to adorn the Father's presence. One day we will know as we are known & not only will there be no more tears there will be no need for them for the old will have passed away & everything will have been made new. I don't expect to have to sweep dustballs from under my heavenly bed either! With no decay housework should be so much easier. There are houses so there will be housework but maybe once things get done they will stay done!

So as I read about each & everyone of your lives I wonder about the things you don't say & can't share. I know some of you face health issues. Some are simply overwhelmed by life. We are told not to be surprised when we face trials & tribulations; they are to be expected in this life. Everyone has something & that being the case I'd like to thank each & everyone of you who takes time out from your busy day to read my dribblings, share a giggle & leave a comment to brighten my day because you have blessed me. And I do so like to be blessed! ;D


Anonymous said...

One of the things I will share here is that my last visit with you was one of the most sustaining and spiritually nourishing experiences I've had for some time. So thanks.


Constance said...

I understand completely. Different scenarios but likewise the struggles we all seem to face. Thank God for a Savior who underatands out frailties having been made human as well.

One time I read, (Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life, Chapter 2, obviously it was pretty insightful that I even remembered the chapter!)spoke of our trials and such. God's hand was in the midst of each of those trials. If one of our purposes is to be more like Christ, these trials are used by God to mold us more and more into the image of His Beloved Son. He uses every single hurt and painful circumstance to accomplish that goal. In the words of our Pastor Toby,
"God never wastes a hurt!"

Toby's new series begins this Sunday and I believe my testimony is to be used for week 2. I will let everyone know as soon as it goes up online.

MamaOlive said...

Thanks, I needed an extra dose of reality today, what with "that time of the month," no sleep, rain again, a trip to the dentist tomorrow...

It's funny the things we will say publicly and the things we won't say.

If you can laugh at it, you can live with it.

God bless you, sis; you sure bless me.

Heidi said...

Yes, there are things that I don't share on my blog. I don't like being misunderstood and I often don't have the time to write a novel to cover all my bases.

And yet, I appreciate those that provide small glimpses into their real world. I pray for them as the Lord directs and I don't feel so alone in the struggles of life.

With that, I appreciate you Ganeida. You bring a different perspective that stretches me. Oh, and thank you for not giving up on me when I go through long stretches of being an absent blogger. :)

Mrs. Darling said...

I have to say I dont have any real hardships in my life. Thats why I grumble at the rain. I need to thank God for my blessings and be happy on cloudy days.

molytail said...

I've often found myself thinking about the 'hidden lives' as well - of others and of our own... thinking about how there is so much more to everyone than what they show through the snippets they write about... it's easy to forget sometimes that we aren't seeing 'all' of our friends' lives, y'know? Some of us talk outside and beyond the blogland and reveal more of ourselves to our friends, but not everyone does...

I can understand your reality in ways - we've some similarities. Up until Blair took this job out west, we too lived way below that line - our heads are above water now, but the cost is great..having him gone for months on end is heart wrenching.... and we also have a disabled family member, though it's our child, not my husband. I can only imagine the challenges that you face when it's your own mate, your life partner, who is the one who needs to be cared for like that. <3 .....

k, look at me rattling on in your blog again LOL ..on that note, let me just say that I'm very thankful that our paths crossed - you speak of your friends blessing you; it works the other way 'round too - you're a blessing in the lives of others!