Saturday, April 26, 2008

Musings on Saturday.

Indulge a moment of madness here. My blog counter now says more than 1000 readers have passed through the Nest. Woo~eee!!! Yes. Well. Hm. Small things, small minds, you know. It tickled me.

Otherwise I am looking at more handholding. Liddy discovered yesterday area trials (which lead to state & National trials) begin at Tingalpa on Monday. Will she, won't she; should she, shouldn't she? These are the BIG questions consuming her at present & she is sharing with who else but little old me. I am such a lucky mummy!

Actually I am a lucky mummy. We took two other kids to the soccer with us. Poor old Ditz got to stay home with dad because, 'Liddy sold my seat!' The child doesn't even like soccer. I digress.

So the younger kiddie is Ditz's age. She arrived wearing a very nice shirt ~ that she was falling out off. After our experience on Thursday I cringed but she's not my child & by the world's standards she was still modestly dressed. That shirt would have been immediately trashed if it had been brought into my house. Anyway Liddy goes off to do her thing leaving me with her friends, neither of whom is particularly comfortable around adults & decidedly uncomfortable around one they consider to be more than a little mad. I am so over the inarticulate teenager thing!

At which point my twins arrived with their best buddy (my de facto son) & Theo's girl, that he wants me to meet. She is sweet & shy & has a piercing through her bottom lip. I'm so pleased Ditz stayed home. She would have been charmed beyond words. As it was Liddy's soccer team was charmed beyond words, eyeing of the gaggle of males that had arrived to cheer Liddy on. Very funny. Does she own one? Can we hit on them & not tread on toes? The lads are so used to attracting this sort of attention it barely even registers any more but no one was in a hurry to leave after Liddy's game. A flurry of phone calls to ensure it was all right to bring our guests home on a later boat if we stayed on to watch some of the premier game & it began. Youngest child began a diatribe against her mother that lasted (on & off) for the rest of the evening. Liddy has heard it all before but I was rather shocked. I mean my girls & I have our moments but not even Ditz has sunk to such levels, not even in her angriest moments.

I know this child's mother loves her but there seems to be a conflict of interests. Daughter does not like mother's boyfriend. Daughter did not want to be dropped at the adult party her mother was at with a lot of inebriated adults. Mother thinks daughter should fall into line but made no provision for her entertainment at this event. I made no objection when Liddy went in to ask if we could bring the child home with us where we just fed her & put her to bed. One can not run other people's lives for them but Liddy & I, seeing the rocks looming ahead, are rather saddened. OK, it's hugely wearing when my girls start obsessing at me about either soccer or music but really, I am blessed. That is far better than being shut out, ignored, irrelevant & watching my girls become close with anyone else but their own family.


kimba said...

Got your message. Won't see you next saturday either as Sis is going away for weekend. Maybe you could come down anyway for a chat (if your feeling better by then).

molytail said...

hehe, I used to have metal through my lip - and my nose and my eyebrow. *grin*

Daughter did not want to be dropped at the adult party her mother was at with a lot of inebriated adults

I don't blame her. That's sad - what's more important to 'mom'.. daughter or the party? :-(

She went home with you guys, did she? You all have such big hearts...the world needs more of that.