Friday, April 4, 2008

In Her Own Words.

In Their Own Words Friday, April 4
Share your children’s home education experience in their own words. What have they said about their education? What are their likes and dislikes? Share some stories, some quotes, or turn your blog over to your children for the day.

fact no1. after grade 6 schoolwork is completely useless except for people who want to be teachers for grade 7 and up.

fact no2. schoolwork is boring, useless, and horrible.

fact no3. no schoolwork is going to help with my music career.

I don't like home schooling ~ I get picked on, when I'm sick I still have to work, it makes me lazy, and a whole heap of other stuff, the only good things are I can play more instruments, I get extra holidays and... there isn't much more.

Breaks me 'eart, she does. *sigh* She found doing this a complete hoot. What a wonderful way to tease mummy! Ssssh...don't tell her that was school too. *giggle, giggle*


Sassy Mama Bear said...

Sneaky mommies we sneak scoll into everything don't we????

I get the why do I have to do this, how will it help me in my life question frequently from the boys - usually math problems.

Great post. This has been a great week.

Ganeida said...

It has been a great week & I've enjoyed *meeting* so many new homeschoolers.

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh this is funny! Tink took it so seriously. your little Ditz was too smart for that! But look, moms smarter. You won in the end! LOL

Dana said...

Hehe...thanks for sharing this. I've really enjoyed getting to know you a little better over the week!

Cjay said...

hello saying nasty things about me are you mother? mahaaahahahaaa

molytail said...

ROFL *grin*

Cindy read this with me and she laughed too *grin* LOL