Sunday, April 27, 2008

Homeschool Highlights.

Being Down Under & a day ahead I'm posting early but we have a big week ahead so it's now or never. Click on the picture to link to Ellen & find out how to join in the fun.
We are so off~track at present it's not funny but that's how it goes sometimes when the kids are involved in performance activities. Everything gives way to pre~production week, including academic work. Oh, we are still plodding along, mostly reading, but science experiments, testing, workbooking ~ forget it. So you could be forgiven for thinking Ditz hasn't learnt anything much this week. On the contary Ditz learnt one of the most important lessons of her life this week.

Now Ditz is the youngest of 5 children which means everyone in this house is bigger & older & allowed to do more things than she is. She has been going on 18 forever. Very scarey. There are 6 whole years between Ditz & my next youngest. That is a huge age gap just now. Ditz is 12; Liddy is 18.

I do not believe I am a *helicopter mummy*. Just the same I wasn't allowing my 12 year old to travel into town on her own ~ at night, by train, unsupervised ~ for a music master class. David Kidd, one of the Ten Tenors, was running it & as Ditz is singing at the next Ten Tenors concert she was keen to attend. Fair enough. I abandoned the rest of the family to their own devices so I could take her into town. I bet you can hear the wails of, 'Muuuum!' from all the way over there.

So my beloved child didn't want to know me as we trotted down Brunswick street. Only the fact she had no idea of where we were or where we were going kept her in my orbit. I understand. She no longer wants to be thought of as little ~ & she's not. She's just not as big as she thinks she is or would like to be just yet either.

Coming home we were racing to make the last boat of the night home . One of the joys of island living. We were standing at the lights when it happened. An old man, & I do mean old, in his 60's or 70's at least, white haired, wrinkled, hit on my daughter. It would be fair to say I was nearly as freaked as my daughter. I gave him my best, 'One false move & you are so dead, mister' looks & he hurridly backed off. My child re~evaluated the blessing of having mummy by her side to ward of unwanted advances. Even better, she told me so. Reality check, Ditz. You are 12. Twelve is not big enough to handle some things. That is why you have adults in your life to handle these things for you. Somehow I think she now has that picture pretty clear in her head. I do hope so. It will make the next few years just that little bit easier.


Constance said...

I think more parents need to hover! I've seen too many of my kid's friends whose parents are not involved and don't even know where they are! I'm always saddened by that! My younest, Charlie who turns 18 in October is still my baby and he's not in any great big rush to groe up. He hasn't gotten his license yet even though we have a car sitting in the driveway for him. Maybe it's because he knows that once he's driving, he has to have a job to pay for his insurance and gas. This is going to his last free summer of his life, he is making the most of it and I am still driving him to his friend's houses. I don't mind, he'll be gone off to college in the blink of an eye.

Anonymous said...

it's five years mum I never thought your math was that bad

molytail said...

I'd never have let Cindy go off to something like that alone either! Heck, she's not allowed out of our housing area alone (the main street is too busy and traffic doesn't watch for anyone)...I wouldn't call myself the helicopter type either though - we just care about our kids. Wish more parents did. Like Constance mentioned above, there are so many parents who aren't involved at all...and *that* is sad. Their kids are left to their own devices to figure out what's what, and oftentimes they run into trouble along the way - with nobody to help them.

You're a great mum. I bet your kids would agree with me. ;-)

Julie said...

Almost every day I hear the phrase "I can't wait until I'm so-and-so's age..." All of my children are 5 years apart, so they all can't wait to do what the older ones do. I agree that parents should be involved in their child's lives and stay involved longer! TV is bad about showing young kids left to their own devices for most of a day, and that's just not reality, or shouldn't be. Hope you have a great week and thanks for sharing your highlight.

momedu3 said...

Good call! Also good that God allowed her to see first had how scary this world can be...even with Mom right by your side.

Ganeida said...

Ditz, we've done the whole bit about rounding up. Once you pass the .5 you round up to the bigger number. Liddy is 5 years & 10 months older than you are. That rounds up to 6 years, not down to 5! :P

Ellen said...

It's better to learn these lessons when a helpful adult is around. When I was 18, I went to Europe, thinking that I was invincible. I had some scary and uncomfortable situations in the Frankfurt train station and on a train, but thankfully the Lord kept me safe. Even though I'm an adult now, I'm much more cautious.