Monday, April 28, 2008

Another God moment.

Liddy is trialing for the District soccer team; first step towards state then Nationals. We missed last year thanks to the broken collar bone so it's been about 4 years since she last competed at this level. Naturally she was pretty nervous.

So yet again I was on my way to the mainland! I hate the place & I am starting to hate it more & more. Anyway we left straight after Liddy finished work & drove into Tingalpa where out of the 50 expected players just 18 rocked up. Four of them were goalies so Liddy's chances of making the team skyrocketed. That so cracks me up!

Anyway we were meandering back to the car when Liddy goes, 'Is that...? Are we...? Oh, no! The back number plate's missing!' Walked round to the front & yep, the front one's gone too! I went into meltdown. I had no problem driving the car in when I thought I had number plates back & front (even though I actually didn't); different matter entirely when I had to drive knowing I was illegal! I have authority issues. I hate getting in trouble even though this wasn't really our fault & I would happily have driven home in complete ignorance! Knowing I didn't have number plates on when I should have just completely did my head in.

So we are driving home with me quivering like a *Nervous Nellie* (to Liddy's absolute disgust!) when Liddy starts giggling. I was not impressed. 'But mum,' Liddy explained, 'it's such a God thing. If you'd noticed before we went in to trials you would never have driven me in & I would have been spewing because you wouldn't so God kept us both blind until it didn't matter because now you have to drive home. We can't stay here.' True, oh Solomon! What's more, as Liddy so thoughtfully pointed out, we need to be grateful that all the damage was a set of stolen number plates, which can be replaced. They didn't slash her tires or smash her windscreen or break into the car, or milk her petrol tank~ none of the things that would have made the car undrivable. So I guess today I'm dealing with the police & QLD transport. What fun!


molytail said...

I think Liddy made an excellent point! ;-)

That sucks that the plates got yanked though - I hope you don't have too much trouble replacing them!

Constance said...

My righteous indignation sure comes to a boil quickly when it comes to stuff like that! I can't help but thing that somewhere, someone's Mama has failed them in that they never learned to respect others and their property! When our kids were young, Dave & I did "Growing Kids God's Way". It was an awesome parental tool. One of the things that stands out to THIS day is how we teach our children that their actions are able to affect others. "We don't pick the neighbor's flowers because they don't belong to us and you aren't respecting them and all of the work they put into making their yard nice" and so on... God has place us under authority for a reason and it's not to squelch our fun, it's to protect us (sometimes from ourselves). All of this to say, it just bugs me when others think they are entitled to do whatever they please without regard to others and their feelings!

Mrs. Darling said...

Well how mean of somebody but Liddy did ndeed have a good point. Sorry about all this. Hope your wek gets better!

Heidi said...

It's all about perspective, isn't it. :)