Monday, April 21, 2008

One Neurotic Cat.

Just in case you weren't already convinced that Issi is completely neurotic, here's the pic Ditz snapped last night.

He'd tried to get into my lap 3 times. Unfortunately there's a couch jammed behind the computer chair & no room to move the chair back so not enough room available for one oversized cat. Undeterred he went for the keyboard & mouse. I think he was taken from his mother far too early. Some of his behaviours are quite bizarre.


MamaOlive said...

Cats have a knack for knowing exactly what is taking your interest away from them, and rendering that object inoperable.
I used to love reading, laying on my side, but whenever my cat was in the room she'd always lay down on top of my book.

molytail said...

mamaolive us right - they know LOL ....I gave up trying to read the flyers (circulars) on the kitchen table here - I have to walk around holding them if I want to actually see the pages. :-P

hahahahaha - when I enlarge the pic, I can see your screen! LOL :-D

He's such a beautiful cat!


Ganeida said...

He is a beautiful cat ~ in temperment & personality as well as looks but he sure is a sook!

Yeah, I noticed that but didn't think anyone else would!

I owe you an e~mail moly, but we have the most horrible cold & I feel so totally miserable my bed is my best friend.

molytail said...

Give him a nuzzle on the head for me! :-)

and heh - I'm weird with pictures///I love to look around at the backgrounds as well as the 'main' part LOL

and no worries - we're just coming away from the same thing here, miserable colds all 'round, so I understand that!! I hope you feel better soon, I know how much it sucks. <3

Constance said...

I LOVE that picture and also reading your last couple of posts! (I loved the pic of your mom with some of her grand kiddos!) I think poor kitty would be great as the featured feline hero of his very own children's book!