Friday, April 11, 2008

Liddy moments.

My gorgeous Liddy is the 4th of 5 children but the first girl & consequentially something of a Queen Bee. She also has a sweet & compliant disposition so has been very easy to raise. (Ditz is a cat of another colour entirely!) Homeschooling brought us a lot closer too so when she began work we missed each other & Liddy liked me to bring her lunch, freshly made, up to her.

I don't think Liddy was expecting grown women to behave like schoolyard brats. For months she has endured the heckling & the catcalls when her lunch arrives. If she leaves something at home she rings & asks me to bring it up; mostly I do. If she needs more lunch on a day I've just sent it with her, she rings & mostly I make her another sandwhich or take up her keycard. If it's cold I do her toasted sandwhiches & take them up warm, or soup or chowder in a covered bowl. If she finishes early she rings & I go pick her up. Yes, I run after Liddy a lot, but as she has been trying to defend herself at work, she does things too. She often cooks when food & I part company. (this happens on a pretty regular basis.) She'll often put a load of washing through for me. She hassled no end to get me Jonathan Creek because she knew it was something I'd particularly enjoy. She shouted me dinner for my birthday, shares her sweet treats, lends me money when the boys have eaten us down to the bare boards & are too broke themselves to contribute, pays the upkeep so we have a mainland car. Nothing has made much difference. The teasing has continued unabated. Finally Liddy snapped & snarled, 'Do you really think mum would do all that for me if I was a horrible daughter?' Good point, Lid. In the stunned silence her little temper tantrum created someone finally blurted the truth. 'You do realise we're all just jealous?' Maybe, but is that any reason to make Liddy feel bad about the relationship she has with me?

It's not like we have the perfect relationship. When we lose it with each other the kid gloves come of & it's no holds barred. Nasty, very, very nasty. Dearest ducks for cover. Ditz gets clobbered both ways for trying to re~establish peace. Thunder rolls round the domestic horizon but you know, eventually we get over ourselves, the 'tulmult & the shouting dies' & recognizing we're sinners & fallible we move on. We both know Liddy's joking when she refers to herself as the 'perfect child' , though for balance I've got the 'perfect child' & the 'wild child' No prizes for guessing who the 'wild child' is.

And todays driving quote:
Me~ 'Slow down, you're going too fast!'
Liddy ~ 'Mum! I'm only doing 40!'
Me ~ 'I don't care what speed you're doing, you don't have control of this car!'

Oh! Makes me wonder sometimes.

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