Thursday, April 10, 2008

A bit of this...

This was going to be a bit all over the place post because that is the sort of few days we've had but the easiest thing to do is just post twice. Why not? After all you've all got nothing better to do than read my drivel, right? Thought so!.

Yes we've been cooking because it's been wet & miserable & everyone's been cold & particularly hungry. Liddy has done some lovely baking but it was all gone before I could get pics. I had a day when I just had to have quiche so went to the trouble of making the pastry & baking everything but as so often happens with me & quiche the middle took longer to set than anticipated & everyone was ravenous by the time I pulled it out of the oven. we had it with a green salad & coleslaw & there were not even crumbs left.
Ditz did dessert. These go by the strange name of roadmakers crunch but are very quick & simple to make, require no cooking & were all gone before morning. Ditz rather enjoys taking a rolling pin to the biscuits to make the *crunch* element. I'd give you the recipe but I'm pretty sure the first question would be, 'What's that?' Translating into American don't always come easy.


MamaOlive said...

Well, you know we're going to ask anyway, so you might have saved us some trouble and posted the recipe to begin with.
Hey, I saw "ghee" in a cookbook today! Bob got me a British cookbook for Christmas and I was looking it over. They said it is vegetable oil, but I don't know... only coconut oil solidifies as far as I know...

I'm waiting!

Ganeida said...

OK, mamaO, you asked for it. I know coconut oil solidifies; that's what copha is. I know ghee is clarified butter. Whether one can be substituted for another I do not know.


250g shortbread biscuits [no problem seeing you're in England & biscuits are not a scone or a griddle cake; they are a cookie! :)]

I Tablespoon of cocoa

I cup of dessicated coconut

400g can of condensed milk (this was the ingredient I thought I'd have trouble explaining.)

Crunch the biscuits into crumbs.
Mix all ingredients together until sticky. Roll into small balls & coat with extra coconut.

PS ~ your kids will have a ball making this.

molytail said...

oh those sound (and look!) delicious! And no worries, we have condensed milk on this side of the ocean too. ;-)

Ganeida said...

And NO cooking! Even better. They need refrigerating though if you have any over.

MamaOlive said...

Thanks, sweety. It does sound easy and delicious.

Ganeida said...

Don't you sleep, woman? I make it you got 6 hours! How on earth do you function on that?