Sunday, June 8, 2008


Kudos to the girls who were very patient & well behaved in the car despite the length of the trip. We arrived at Toowoomba in good time & I drove us straight up to picnic Point where they could hop out of the car & wander round in the freezing wind for 1/2 an hour or so.

I then meandered around to take us the long way back to the house we once lived in. I can assure you the garden was never so neat & tidy as this when we owned this house. It was full of natives & much more jungley but the raised bed made from bush rock is still there as well as the stone path & set of steps Dearest made & inside the wood paneling has been left & the pot bellies are still in existence.

Then out here...weird windmill I have never set eyes on before but whatever. This is the entrance to...

Here ~ the University of Southern Queensland, where I took my degree. There are a few more buildings & the garden has grown some but nothing much has changed & while I hated school I did enjoy uni. For one thing I was only studying things I actually liked. lol.

Then on to Liddy's game. We were out of the wind there, which was nice & the girls won, which was also nice, but Lid played an atrocious game. Every time she moved she had the other coach's voice in her head telling her how bad she was & worthless etc. Then from the left hand line, outside the 18 yard box, Liddy got the ball under her feet in space. I saw her look up towards the goal & thought, she's going to try for that. If you know soccer you know that's a long way for a strike at goal, even for the pros. The whole game stopped as everyone just stood & watched her ball fly towards the goal. There was wind & I thought the ball was going to lift over the bar. The goalie did too. She just stood & watched it fly over her head. Then the ball dropped & smashed into the far cornor of the net! It was a spectacular goal. I stood there with clenched fists just bellowing Yooooooowrp! Naturally the girls are all saying it was a great fluke but it wasn't a fluke. It was a calculated strike on goal & it was brilliant. Liddy knows it, I know it & her actual coach knows it.

Just the same between the long drive, the stress of doing some of the driving on the open highway & the emotional stress of battleing the putdowns Lid was a mess before home migrainey, sick & in tears. For once I came out in quite good shape so the Lord is merciful & despite all the sugar the girls had in the car they were as good as gold.


Mrs. Darling said...

Looks like I have a lot to catch up on over here.

I wanted to thank you for your love and prayers during this time with my dad. It means a lot.

molytail said...

well may I also offer up a "Yooooooowrp!" for that awesome goal? *grin* Way to go Libby! You rock.