Sunday, June 1, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my Window.... The clouds are pressing close & the rain comes sweeping down the passage in great scuds. All night the wind has rattled & banged about the house but this morning there is only a sulky silence. Even the birds are quiet. I am thinking.. how pleased I am the wind has finally stopped. A gentle spring breeze is remarkably pleasant. The raging fury of last night was frightening & I am prone to dwell on the little ships bobbing about on the raging waters & the men who brave the elements for whatever reason. Overactive imagination; I veer into nightmare paths imagining the boats going down, men drowning in the water, unshriven souls going out into eternity....Ugh! Iam thankful for... a new day, no wind, the provision of the Lord in a time of hardship. From the kitchen... too early for the kitchen but there will be hot coffee, warm buttered toast & thick semolina with milk & brown sugar shortly, & sleepy eyed children (all now bigger than I am) standing groggily about waiting for things to pop & thicken. I am creating... a new novel in my head & a talk I am to give soon. These things are always better for lots of quiet meditation. I am going to ...clean out the bathroom ready for the new washing machine & ring the carriers to see who is willing to do this particular trip to pick it up from the mainland & how much it is going to cost me to have that done. I am wearing... my dark maroon kameeze, one of my favourites. The kameeze is long & tailored, falling below my knees, & the long sleeves hug my thick cotton shirt close creating some extra body warmth.I am reading...a Quaker dialogue on the peace testimony, the House of Sixty Fathers by Meindert de Jong, & Richard Foster's Celebration of Discipline ...Again! I am hoping... the wild weather is done & the drought has broken. I am hearing... the first of the birds just beginning, a soft twittering, the drip of water, the sucking pop of mud amongst the mangroves & slosh of water through them.Around the house... all is still & quiet. This is good sleeping weather. One of my favorite things...Is watching the day break slowly, like a flower opening. God never rushes anything. A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... Music, as always. I am waiting to hear a response to the new song Ditz has written.Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...
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tamlovesran said...

Thank you for sharing this peek into your day. I hope it is a blessed one!
You certainly are a gifted writer. Your descriptive answers are beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting me, and for hosting my visit today! :) I would love a rolling thunderstorm right about now... we haven't had a decent one since we left the MidWest for the SW desert. Monsoons are just NOT the same, lol!!

Have a lovely week!
~Shani (CelticMom @ HSB)

Beth Dargis said...

I adore your writing and have been reading your other posts. It sounds like you have brilliant, unconventional children. One day you want to pull out your hair, the next you are in awe of who they are becoming.

I look forward to reading more.