Friday, June 20, 2008

Jehovah Jireh, my provider.

I posted about the shooter who thought it was amusing to shoot out our power supply; he fritzed all our electricals ~ washing machine, oven, cooktop. The only one I particularly cared about was the washing machine.

I posted about Ditz needing more curriculum ~ the Sonlight curriculum, you know, the expensive stuff. We only had the money to deal with one thing; the washing machine.

We have been making do for a month, a month in which the Lord has very firmly been telling me that He will provide. O.k, I know He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, but cattle are not cooktops, or even curriculum, & my math is certainly adequate enough to calculate what's in my bank accounts.

I ordered the washing machine & it has taken 2 weeks to organize a courier. Ditz keeps eyeing the microwave in hopes her mother will relent & say she can bake in it but we do not have the right utensils for that so I keep saying no. Ditz is suffering, not silently. This is Ditz we are talking about.

Then over 2 days the Lord just poured blessing after blessing over our heads. Money arrived to cover the cooktop & oven. I ordered. The courier will pick up the 2nd items for no extra cost. More money arrived to cover the curriculum costs. I placed my order ~ what I absolutely must have for the rest of the year & a very small *wish list* of things it would be nice to have, depending on how much my *must have* order cost. Our supplier is having a major sale. The language arts IG, which costs me over A$100 usually, came in at just a fraction of the cost if I was prepared to have one of the old IGs. You bet your bottom dollar I am! My order came back under the amount of money I actually have to spend. I said, 'Thank you, Lord', & prepared to order the CDs I wanted as an adjunct for Ditz's music. Meanwhile my supplier had sent an attachment listing all his sale items & idly browsing through out of curiosity I saw this!

Now I looked at this curriculum package for Ditz more than 12 months ago & fell in love with it! I just couldn't afford it ~ couldn't justify spending the money for something that wasn't essential academic curriculum. This is not the full deal but it's definitely the bit of it I really wanted. Half price! Oh yes! Most definitely I ordered it.

Now this is school stuff & school is not one of Ditz's favourite activities so I was more than a little stunned to find my prima donna Ditz hovering expectantly as I put together my final order. Classical music is not high on her appreciation list either so I wasn't expecting wild enthusiasm about finding a classical music curriculum on it's way ~ but it is music & Ditz is more than a little curious. Besides it comes in the mail. As a package. With lots of pretty stamps. In a big box. I mean, how exciting is that! For all her fussing & nonsense dare I hope that the worm is actually a swan who secretly rather enjoys her work?

And in the background Liddy has been quietly stressing about her lack of work. Her interview finally arrived & she thought she'd had a pretty good interview but other people had a job confirmed & she was still waiting...& waiting. My children are not patient sorts so this has not been easy. Her job confirmation was God's icing on our cake this week! She has been offered a full time permanent position at the new island store. She has been offered work to help stock so she will be one of the first people employed there & will begin within a fortnight, just as she runs out of money & just in time to sort out her car rego!

God is always good but I do so enjoy watching Him work the small miracles in our lives!


MamaOlive said...

Praise the Lord!
One time we received a $100 check in the mail right when we were getting desperate, and I had to scold myself for being surprised. God has always come through before, what did I expect? :-)
I'm glad to hear you are doing okay.

Persuaded said...

God is good! and oh, my gracious me, how i know that feeling of waiting for Him to provide! and it is amazing that He always does... maybe not always the way i want or had envisioned, but i always have everything i need and more so!

btw, i have been lusting after sonlight as well, but it is way beyond my budget. are they having a sale, or is it some other "supplier" you are talking about?

Ganeida said...

Diane, Someone out here in Oz supplies us from a number of American curriculum companies ~ Beautiful Feet & Sonlight amongst others. It is he who has the sale on, not Sonlight itself. I have been wanting to go with Sonlight for history too...had given up because of the price, then the Lord got me the english IG for just $22~ so I could afford the history IG~ which was NOT $22~. I've been using their history readers to Ditz's dismay for some time. lol. I am going to need more of the Beautiful Feet to do the music I'm pretty sure but I will look at the guide first & then only buy the absolute essentials.

Persuaded said...

ahhh... well i can certainly rejoice for your good fortune m'dear. i am going to be doing prairie primer for history this year (a curriculum based on the "little house" books by laura ingalls wilder), probably apologia for science, developmental math, and bob jones for reading- just because i have it already, lol. i'd love to go sonlight all the way but just can't swing it at this point. i am very grateful for what i do have though and that's for certain:)

Mrs. C said...

I'm very glad for you!! What a blessing to read about how God came through. An encouragement to me, too, so the blessing keeps giving.

I am particular about my curriculum as well. I have to live with it so many hours of my life I feel I'm entitled.


molytail said...

Yay! I'm so glad that you're able to get the books you guys want and get your stuff fixed...I know what it's like to wonder how stuff is gonna get done in terms of affording it.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic news all round, and congratulations to Liddy!