Friday, June 6, 2008

Here we go again!

Yep, that's my life gone down the toilet the past few days. I have so much adrenalin going through the system I feel sick. Not even my issue; just trying to pick up the pieces & put my child back together again. Very few things get me really riled but wanton cruelty, the abuse of power by the strong towards those they percieve as weaker, bullying tactics, will do it every time. And I am sooo good at handling conflict.

So tomorrow I am off to try & keep my temper, practise Christian charity & offer moral support after someone has done their level best to shatter every last once of confidence my child has. I am so angry & so powerless. I knew I should have kept my mouth shut about peace. *sigh*


MamaOlive said...


Oh, I mean, so sorry you are having a hard time.

I wonder if diamonds feel the pressure, too.

God bless you, sis. I hope you understand where I'm coming from.

Ganeida said...

lol. It's all good. I love how God makes us like those tippy toys ~ you know, the ones that bounce back upright when you knock them over. His spirit bounces me back up pretty quickly with a little prayer on the side. :)

molytail said...

after someone has done their level best to shatter every last once of confidence my child has

RAWR. What happened? :-(

I get very mama-bear when crap like that happens - been there with certain people pulling it on Cindy before and... RAWR. *spit flames*. Yeah. Does not make for a happy mama.

Please give some extra across-the-ocean-hugs to whichever child had this yuckiness happen to them, and there's a bunch for you as well. <3

Persuaded said...

oh, my, honey what in heaven's name happened?

and i can so relate to that whole mama bear emotion! in fact i'm feeling some of it riling up within me from across the ocean on behalf of your wee bear cub! hey, when you next see that purveyor-of-wanton-cruelty you can give 'em a right good smack across the face and say sweetly that you were just delivering it to them from *me*

((hugs)) from one mama bear to another...prayers too:)
love ya,

oldyeller said...

You know when ever I go through some bad times in my life, I get real upset, and even start feeling sorry for myself. At times I even cry! After going through this for some time, and finding out there's no answers for me, I come to my senses, and talk to God, Our Father, and Praise and Worship Him in songs. This has always helped me. So my comment for you is to try this and see what God can do for you. Love Ya, Sister-in-Christ, Mary S.