Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Celebrating Ditz's music.

When we did the standardized testing way back when, Ditz managed to do spectacularly badly. We are talking the illiterate end of the scale here. She's not illiterate; she was merely very bored. I don't see why I should put either of us through that again...which is rather beside the point.

We are at semester's end & Alison has been sneakily testing the ensemble class on their theory so that Ditz wasn't even sure that it was a test. Was I nervous? Oh yes! Ditz can not be relied on in these situations. If she gets a bee in her bonnet ~ forget it! Ditz has done no theory in any of her music so all the theory (as such) is new to her. First results are in...& Ditz has done spectacularly well! She got the 2nd highest lot of marks in the class! Knock me down with a feather!

One mark she lost because her handwriting is so terrible, one for adding a note that wasn't there (but should have been to hear Ditz tell it) & one just outright wrong. It makes all the traipsing round in the wet, the dark & the cold worth it. Ditz is pretty pleased with herself too. Any other subject & sadly she wouldn't have cared less, but music! Ah, now, that is another matter entirely!

It makes it worthwhile for Alison who likes kids to be enthusiastic & care about what they are doing (last night's lecture was on just that but it's end of term & the school goers are just tired, purely & simply.) It's easy for Ditz. She is not sitting in a classroom for 6 ~8 hours before her music class. This is all novelty for her & she is socializing, though I have noticed she seems to be pulling away from making friends. Note to self: check with Ditz as to what's going on; probably all in her head. I do know she gets antsy about some of the behaviour & by school standards this is an extremely well behaved class. This is one class Ditz makes a concerted effort to focus & reel in all her add behaviours on her own. She isn't always successful but she does try & she doesn't appreciate the kids who make it difficult for her to focus.

And the night's funny was on me. Normally I park myself up the back of the class with a good book or some work. Last night I was sorting out what I needed in curriculum & how much it was going to cost me (ouch!) before going back to my book but occasionally something in the room will catch my attention & I will tune in, so I was tuned in as Alison began revising common time & 3/4 time. Her question, which for the life of me I can't now remember, had her class flummoxed (probably what caught my attention) so she turned to me!!! I blush beautifully...but I did know the answer. Please don't tell me you know where Ditz gets her scattered *how I learn without paying attention* traits from.


molytail said...

I'm so glad we don't have to test here - Cindy has a difficult time with tests as well...and 'standardized tests' have got to be the most ridiculous kind of tests going. (IMO)

Good on Ditz for doing so well!! Yay!

(haha - and I won't say a word about the whole distracted learning LOL)

Mrs. Darling said...

Lucky you! I wish we didnt have to test. This is just ridiculous!

Persuaded said...

ahhh testing, the bane of every homeschool mama's existence:P our family has an odd advantage in the testing dept tho- the kids' father is a psychologist, a learning theorist actually and he does this type of testing in his work all the time. he has done the kids' testing every year- i thought the school wouldn't allow it as he is (after all) their parent, but they have never given me any grief on it. now if i could just convince him to have them automatically pass with flying colors i'd be all set. unfortunately i think he's harder on them than anyone else would ever be, lol.

i think i love your ditz:)

Ganeida said...

I think the standardized testing is
beyond ridiculous ~ but hey, no~one's asking me! Diane, I love my Ditz too ~ but gosh she drives me crazy sometimes!

Cjay said...

the question was what time signiture is common time. mother