Monday, June 23, 2008

Australian Classics ~ part 1.

As it happens I don't like either of these particular books but they are considered classics & plenty of people like them & they are still in print; which says something. I find Snugglepot & Co., twee but the illustrations are gorgeous & worthwhile. This is a good read~a~loud for younger children. Snugglepot & Cuddlepie ~ May Gibbs.

This is just hugely annoying. I hated this book with a passion as a child, which is odd given that I adore Lindsay's artwork, voluptous, etheral Venus' et al. (They charmed me as a child & are quite beautiful in a romanticised way.) I am far less enamoured of his writing, which is understandable. It is nowhere near as good as his art. (warning: do not click here if nudity offends you.) I think this book is silly but I was definitely in the minority as a child & most of my classmates loved it so I recommend it with reservations.
If you are looking for something uniquely Australian then these books are it. Being Aussie I'm far less charmed by talking gum nuts, wicked Banksia Men & the vagaries of a pudding that doesn't behave like a well brought up pudding should. If I remember correctly the pudding is actually rather wicked & in constant danger of being stolen. Personally I'd be happy to be rid of it but then having a pudding that replenishes itself & runs about the neighbourhood complaining really puts me off my food.

Having got these two out of the way I shall move on to books I actually enjoyed & which I consider to be far more essentially Australian simply because far less fuss is made about the things that are Australian & far more concerned with story & character.


Persuaded said...

oh my... i got such a laugh out of your rather *sour* endorsements of these books:D actually they look like the kind of thing my millen would adore!

wondering if i can get these on interlibrary loan....

Ganeida said...

lol. They are classics for a reason. Just because I don't like them doesn't mean they aren't a good if you haven't learnt by nw my tastes are a little odd.