Saturday, June 7, 2008

Deja Vu.

This is where we are going tomorrow so Liddy can play soccer...well not looking over the range but to this town...Toowoomba. Two hours there (more or less), two hours back. It's a long drive with the steepest, windiest road up the hill to get there. I told Liddy I'm driving that part, especially as it's prone to fog & wind & tomorrow looks like being wet...very, very wet. Yucky, yucky.

I'll have both our girls & 2 spare, though why they are interested I have no idea. Still they should entertain Ditz in the back, at least for the first 20 minutes or so & I plan a meal break about the halfway point. Oh! Why is this interesting enough that even Ditz wants to come? We used to live here. The boys were born in this overgrown country town. I went to uni here. We will do a quick tour round, see the old house, the uni campus, drive out here to Picnic Point & see how the land falls away to the coast back to where we've come from. Yeah, freaky thought. The girls are intrigued. They are island through & through. Thet can't even begin to imagine growing up surburban.

This town suffered terribly through the drought & actually ran out of dam water. Every last drop had to be trucked in & the gardens, for which Toowoomba is justifiably famous, shriveled & dried up.

I can't say I liked living here. It snows on cassion. I'm not terribly fond of snow but Ditz hasn't forgiven us for moving before she got to see some. So, winter it's cold; summer is stiffling. I can think of places I'd rather be. Ten year was too long.

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MamaOlive said...

Sounds fun; I want to go, too. :-)
I feel for you driving in the yuck, with chatty girls in the back seat, no less. Try to enjoy it.