Thursday, June 12, 2008

Scrapbooking SOTW

I did promise this so here are two pages of the 3 & a bit we've done so far, starting with the Paleolithic. The cave paintings give a good idea of some of the sort of weapons used in hunting but sadly Ditz & I were more intrigued by the beautiful curved shapes & realism of the animals. Just look at those antlers! Now I know not all the food is accurate but we were more after the general idea. Once we are done I will get Ditz to tell back the history using the pictures to jog her memory.

Assyria & Babylon. For those interested in bible references, the gateway is a reconstruction of the main gateway into Babylon ~ the one Daniel would have come through as a captive. It is depicted, amongst other things, with the *striding Lion* of Babylon. The lion was Isthar's animal, Isthar being the Babylonian goddess. It gives a whole other perspective to the story of Daniel being thrown to the lions when you realise that. Figuratively as well as literally Daniel was thrown to the lions.

We have been enjoying doing this. One of the sad things abut having an older homeschooler is that this sort of thing is seen as being less & less acceptable as the child get older. Supposedly Ditz should be writing more, doing more analytical thinking, more compare & contrast. Wish me luck. Ditz's head space just doesn't go there.


Persuaded said...

Well, hon I for one am very impressed with those creations! As for what others' expectations are for older homeschoolers.. phoooey! so there!

of course I can say that *here* with brave abandon, however I deal with the same doubts and feelings when people judge my kids' work and accomplishments and find them (and by extension, me!) lacking... eek... methinks it just goes with the territory if one is a non-conformist which you, my dear friend, most definitely are. as am I;)


molytail said...

As for what others' expectations are for older homeschoolers.. phoooey!

I agree. :-)

Those look lovely - and kids don't come in cookie cutter designs, so what works best for each will be different...Ditz is wonderfully talented and very bright - if anyone dares make negative comparisons, they need a kick in the nose. ;-)

Ganeida said...

I love you two ladies! Ditz & I love working this way; it suits both of us but our umbrella school, which is fairly tolerant, still likes things actually written down because *that's the way things are done*. Some days I feel like giving my *Celtic Bardic Lecture* ~ the one that goes on & on about how much these people learnt totally by rote from memory until, if something was heard just the once they had total recall. There are days I wish!